Ethical Fashion Goals

Practical Application:

  • Buy used and swap (vegan) items when I can.  At swaps, bring clothes but be moderate and selective with what I take. Be mindful of where the discards are going and whether that's the most useful place for them.
  • Barring the above, I'd like to continue my efforts to buy either US-made or from dependable companies who have very specific claims about their labor standards (vegan, of course).
  • Mending!  What's got holes or is missing a button? Or just needs a hem adjustment?  Resoling shoes. I can do simple fixes and call in the professionals for the rest. Or just when I'm lazy.
  • Consider altering item for a new purpose
  • Actually hire a seamstress to make a dress from a pattern for me.  I tried to do this last year and got tripped up by fabric purchases and findings.

Thoughts and Research: 

  • Review how what I've acquired so far matches (or doesn't) what I swore I would stick to as my go-to themes in 2014 and beyond.
  • Learn more about how I can reduce the impact of washing my clothing – this is inspired by this post on thedoublelifeofmrsm
  • Figure out a better way to store brand information on my "I Shop" page, which houses a number of brands along with their information re animals, labor and environment. 
  • Research and post about fabric impact -  both of non-animal "eco" fabrics (I know there is conflicting information out there but knowing what is said out there is my goal) in additional to animal-sourced textiles 
  • Research and post about options for routing unwanted clothing
  • Progress

Credit: Some of these were sourced from Inelegant Horserider's Year of Challenges, which consists of a new sustainably-themed challenge each month.