Lipstick and Cats

Has it been a month since I last posted? Yes. Let's leave it at that.

I have managed to sustain my irrational lipstick addiction. The brick red I was using is being discontinued, which sent me into a tailspin and my desire to find a replacement kicked into overdrive. I actually waited for daylight to swatch the reds I ended up with -- the first being my original matte brick red. 

 kvd -chula
kvd - hexagram
wnw - spotlight red
milk - name drop
wnw - purty persimmon
makeup forever - c406

I was in Sephora and -- clouded by my red lipstick famine urgency -- bought two lipsticks that were labeled vegan. One, Milk, I'd seen mentioned in a vegan makeup FB group. The other, Make Up For Ever, I couldn't recall. As it turns out, neither have a clean bill from Logical Harmony. So I should have held off! Milk is on the Gray Area List. Make Up For Ever is on the NOPE List. Hopefully this will teach me a lesson. I probably could have made it work with mixing Hexagram and Purty Persimmon but, nope. I just had to search for the holy grail with panicked urgency.

In other news, I've been helping take care of this community cat group in my neighborhood. Two groups, actually. One set of cats is already Trap-Neuter-Returned (so they are all altered and eartipped). The other set of cats is not. I am seeing a bunch of unaltered cats, kittens and injured cats. *sigh* In the picture below, the black cat leaving the feeding station is limping and has a swollen face. Gotta see if we can organize a TNR project there and get him some much needed medical care. 

And here's a camouflaged baby cat. Already not social to people at 3-4 months old. (They grow up so fast, taught by their feral-behavior moms.)


  1. When I was a kid, I couldn't fathom why older ladies were so upset about their foundation/lipstick/whatever getting discontinued. NOW I get it, and never buy something good without thinking, "gosh, I hope this stays on the market long enough...."

    There's something so delicious about makeup swatches. I have long maintained that 30% of makeup's appeal is that we want to buy color itself. I loved buying nail polish when I was a teenager even though I didn't like painting my nails, because all those shimmering colors are So Beautiful. Another 30% of makeup's appeal is all those cute li'l containers! Tubes, boxes, compacts... they can be as cute as dollhouse miniatures.

    My only reddish lip color was that e.l.f. Old Hollywood, and I can't find it anywhere. It must be in a long-lost pocket, waiting to ruin all my laundry.

    Do you have an all-time favorite mascara? Or Top Three? Favorite face powder, if any? I'm visiting the US this summer and am already making a shopping list.

    I wish you luck with the new group of future-TNR kitts! Your dedication is inspiring.

    1. Yes, I've definitely had to learn to only buy stuff I'll wear. I love blues and greens but I find they look super gross on me so I no longer buy them. I think with my bleached hair these days I'm really picky about my reds in a way I wasn't before. The undertone really shows when there's not a contrast for some reason so I try to avoid any pink undertones.

      I don't use face powder so I've got nothing there but for mascara I like thick mascara and I use Lily Lolo but lately I've been using an e.l.f. waterproof black mascara. There are so many "good" brands that gave me raccoon eyes (Pacifica, 100% Pure, BWC).

    2. Also I'm feeling really overwhelmed by the cat stuff lately! I was doing so well, just focusing on my cats, the cats in my office and what I thought was volunteering for an already-TNR'd colony! Then...that. The person I'm covering for has been traveling and there are 3 of us splitting feeding duties so there's not any real consistency and someone seeing patterns every single day. I'm going to put together a Google Doc to track the cats I'm seeing to give us a better idea of how to deal with it when she gets back.

      I literally JUST quit my food coop Animal Welfare Committee shift because it was too much for me to keep track of and signed up for a shift where I just show up and return carts to the coop so it's brain cell-free. Now, of course, a new project pops up as soon as I make an inch of room!

    3. Thanks for the mascara tips!

      I'm sorry you're so overwhelmed right now. The Google Doc sounds like a good start. Will the person be traveling long, or is this a short-term problem?

      That cart-returning/dog-greeting shift sounds pretty great. Plus you're squeezing a few extra steps in, which most of us can stand.

      Speaking of extra steps, I forgot my towel and water bottle at the gym. Siiiiigh.


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