I'm not getting this romper.

I'm trying to stop buying so much stuff, as per usual. I don't need it. It's expensive. I'm trying to downsize my wardrobe. Etc. etc. 

But of course stuff pops up. Spring stuff! Look at this romper. I like the look of a pantsuit onsie, though a shorts romper feels to childish to me, personally. Pants-style rompers (pantsuits?) look pretty adult. Though you still have to take your top off to use the bathroom, which seems like an ineffective use of your time. 

I keep thinking I should try to learn to sew. Again. (Like 6x again.) Maybe this is the year. Maybe I can only get new apparel if I make it. (I've had this thought and no willpower to follow through on it at least a hundred times.)

I feel like my life is the center of a Venn diagram like this: 

Plus some other work and life stuff. And with ME in the middle there is stress eating and buying stuff and any other manner of self-soothing, checking out of my brain behavior. I'm human, it happens. But I'm just trying to keep a lid on it. 

So, I'm not buying that romper. I hope! 


  1. Do you ever watch beginning sewing videos on YouTube or read sewing blogs that you find inspiring? When I'm resisting a lifestyle change that my better self needs, I like to start learning more about the topic online. It makes me feel like I'm part of the new thing, which makes it easier to get started. Plus you pick up some techniques and learn to avoid pitfalls.

    So many of the things you like look really easy to sew; simple shapes, few or no darts or zippers.

    1. I have and I've taken a few classes in person as well but it just doesn't seem to stick! I don't know what it is but I just don't get it. My mother made all our clothes when I was little but I just never managed to build that skill.

    2. In that case, maybe you should try a wildly different approach: forgive yourself for not having every single skill on the planet, and give away/sell all the tools/equipment you'd need for anything more than basic mending.

      I haven't felt like knitting in ages, but wasn't willing to give away all my books and needles (again!), so I boxed them all up and hid them under my bed. Worked perfectly! Now I don't feel guilty every time I see those books on the shelf.

    3. I have been thinking about this but I'm totally not ready to let it go! I still feel like it's just going to click one day. I don't know why! It's a totally fair and good point for my Type A-ness, for sure.

    4. Since I totally suck at prioritizing and GTD, I'm experimenting with a resolution to only sew or mend on weekends; this has liberated me from the idea that I "should" be sewing any time I have a gap in my schedule. It also means that I can set up and take down my sewing stuff every weekend, rather than letting it hog the dining table for weeks at a time when I'm not actually sewing anything.

      You might benefit from doing something similar: look at your calendar for the month and say, "okay, I am NOT learning to sew in April, will revisit this project in May" or something. We often talk about scheduling important things, but taking them OFF the mental schedule can be just as good.


  2. I feel the same way about sewing. I have had a sewing machine for, what, 8 years, and it has barely been used. I made a couple of things when I first got it, but after that the sewing machine has just been gathering dust. And then it broke when we moved from the US to Finland, and I haven't even had it fixed. I don't know what it is. I'd love to learn to sew, but I just can't get it done.

    Maybe it's for the best. These days I am constantly surrounded by amazing second hand finds at work that I can't pass up, so I guess it's just as well that I don't add on to my wardrobe by making more stuff for myself. My shopping is so out of control, and right now I am at the stage of not even caring. I keep telling myself that I have to have a lot of clothes because otherwise I wouldn't be believable as a second hand & vintage shopkeeper. :D

    1. You have a very good professional reason for not touching that machine! Do you ever use it to do alterations to second hand or vintage?


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