Purge Responsibly

Closet purges based on which was the trends are blowing are the worst. (Not familiar with this seasonal advice? See this Refinery 29 post and then look anywhere else on the internet that peddles ads for women.) Please just wear what you want and get rid of stuff responsibly instead of using terms like "throwing away" which sounds like everything is going into the trash.

I saw a comment on one of the Zero Waste FB groups that was something along the lines of:

If you buy something, it's yours forever. It's your job to deal with packaging, lifetime use and getting it where it needs to go next.
When you think about what your impact is on the world, it's not just what's in your home, it's everything you've ever thrown in the trash or donated.

And that's kind of true! I am directly responsible. Feels overwhelming to think of it that way but also pretty true -- even if it's a gift. It was purchased on my behalf and doesn't absolve me since it's now in my possession. I'm cleaning out my home office to make room for the (used) 60 gallon hermit crab tank so I'm really feeling the overwhelm of clutter these days and I'm doing my best to try to figure out what needs to go -- and where it is going.

I also have some new presents to incorporate into my daily life and likely more to come in the next week. My best plan is to make sure I find a place for all the new things I love and to remember to use them. And to keep tabs on gift cards by keeping them all in one spot -- or my wallet if I want them accessible. I have a habit of leaving stuff in boxes or in a random pile on my desk. But losing stuff multiple times this year really highlighted how important to "responsible stuff stewardship" organizing actually is. Like, so important! 

All these white elephant items are already incorporated into my life  -- it helped that I managed to steal the reusables in both white elephant swaps. 

I'm still going on Project 333 except a 1 week trip to LA for work where I had to bring logo wear that isn't part of my 333 wardrobe and also a few summer items I just didn't have in my current Project 333 collection. After those make it through the laundry, I'll put them "away" again. How is the laundry going? Let's just say I've been re-wearing a lot of jeans and shirts so thankfully it's really cold out these days. Still working on a laundry routine but it's true Project 333 will .

One day I'll actually work on photographing outfits again though I managed to pick kind of boring but really comfortable stuff so there's so little incentive. Most of it might look better as a flat lay so I can probably at least get that done by the end of January.


  1. "When you think about what your impact is on the world, it's not just what's in your home, it's everything you've ever thrown in the trash or donated."

    That's an excellent, if sobering, reminder.

    I have been making no progress on Zero Waste for the past few months, but I still follow a few Zero Waste blogs to help keep myself honest and aware. Will have to figure out some bright lines for 2018.

    Apart from travel, how do you feel about Project 333 so far? Do you feel hampered or liberated by drawing from a smaller selection, or feel some other way entirely?

    1. Just read that Refinery29 article. Dear lord, so obnoxious.

    2. So far P333 is pretty easy. I am feeling very meh about how I look though as I picked cozy winter stuff so I'm in either leggings and a sweaterdress or jeans and a sweater or sweatshirt type top every day with either boots or trainers. I sometimes switch to nicer oxfords in the office. I thought I'd do more with accessories but so far I haven't. I have to try a little harder but having my basic jeans and sweaters already planned for me makes me really unmotivated -- but I also spend SO much less time thinking about clothes. A pro and a con.

      I have also not been making great Zero Waste progress and use social media and peer pressure to be better. I just cleaned out my home office because I have to fit our new-to-us 60 gallon tank for the hermit crabs in my office and had files and supplies from (no joke!) 2003 in my storage boxes! Thankfully most of it was paper, which I will shred and recycled, but a bunch of it ended up being free pile stuff *sigh*. I went from 12 boxes of stuff to 7 boxes - and one is just my late Gram's geisha doll collection and some of my old stuffed animals plus a box of handknit blankets from here that were elsewhere.

      Now that we're past the holiday season and that reorganization, maybe I can get a better handle on STUFF. I still have a bunch of stuff to deal with for resale at Beacons or camera stores, etc.

    3. Also keep in mind at home I'm covered in cats and in the office I'm covered in one cat who manages to get litter dust all over my office and fights with the Swiffer duster as I try to clean it. We finally have a working washer/dryer in the office so I might get reusable Swiffer dusters and moppers for my work office!

    4. I think most of us feel pretty "meh" about our style in winter. Gotta stay warm. Still, I'm glad P333 is easier than expected!

      I have a Swiffer-type mop, and I knitted a couple of rectangles to use as mop pads. If I were a better knitter, I'd make the kind with bobbles/more texture for scrubbing. Not sure how to create reusable dusters, but you'll come up with something.

  2. Ugh, I want to throw away that Refinery29 article.

  3. "There once was a time no outfit was complete without a neck scarf. That time is now over." Are they serious, it is freezing out and they want to say no to an extra layer. Anyway, I hope some of that article was a flippant joke.


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