Odds & Ends: makeup brush cleaning, coffee stirrers, Joe Keery

Hi pals!

Have you seen this single-use hack? Pasta as coffee stirrers! Accessible, compostable.

Also Steve from Stranger Things (aka Joe Keery) suggests you wash your hair less to "extend the shelf life". I can get behind that because I'm lazy and also, less water and product used. He notes he's on day 3 in his interview. Since I've gone blonde+pink, I'm way ahead of him.

My Halloween makeup application really put my makeup brushes through their paces. It was time for a cleaning. I saw this makeup brush cleaning tutorial on Going Zero Waste and followed it...mostly. The tutorial notes that you should use a castile soap like Dr. Bronner's and sweet almond oil. I had jojoba on hand, so I just used that instead. (Hey, I didn't finally learn how to pronounce it to not use it every chance I get.)

Who knew I had so many kabuki and blush brushes?

This worked out pretty well. In the past I'd just used hand soap to clean my brushes. I won't pretend I think that's uncivilized -- but it was a little drying. This combo solves that issue and hopefully the brushes last a little longer because of it. Also I would like Adult Activity credit for this one. 

I'm still in the process of getting used to Project 333 so far. I think I've almost worn all my items once at this point. I will start documenting what I chose and how it's working out soon -- I am just behind on doing so. 


Apparently armpits are having a moment!

Screenshot from R29
Kudos to them for featuring pit hair

While product spreads about a specific body part or makeup look are common, seeing the armpit newly featured to sell product (primers! masks! soaps! deodorants!) has been one of those moments of transparency for me. 

It's kind of how my (long ago) Intro to Anthropology class in college made us all read this description about a barbaric practice of dragging metal over people's body parts for all sorts of weirdly specific reasons. And you realized a paragraph into the piece that they're talking about...shaving. That when described in less familiar terms, it sounded absurd. Har har, anthro teacher, you got us. It sounds weird but most of our classmates do it. It's a weird thing that's just culturally acceptable so it no longer sounds weird. 

Well, this was like that but instead I was like, "Oh, pits are having a moment?" the same way I'm regularly like, "Oh, a purple lip is neat-o? Let me click through to the slideshow!" But the hilarity of the armpit primer pulled back the curtain just a bit. (Sorry Meow Meow Tweet - normally I love you.) I mean, obviously it's all kind of ridiculous but moments like this remind me to see the man behind the curtain and take stock of how far I want to go with buying all this stuff -- from armpit primer to purple lipstick. 


Kickoff of Project 333

I have begun. I put together my list. It is not exactly Project 333 but close enough. You know what they say - don't let perfection be the enemy of good. And I never ever do.

Project 333: 33 items, 3 months.
Includes: clothing, accessories, shoes, outerwear, jewelry
Does not include: underwear, lounge clothes, workout gear

My "Project 333": 28 items, 3 months
Includes: clothing, accessories as in bags
Does not include: outerwear, shoes, jewelry (and all stuff the real project doesn't include, too)

I am not overwhelmed by my coats and jackets, shoes or jewelry and typically wear all the same stuff anyway. I will pay extra attention to weeding out what I don't use in those areas to keep things streamlined but my coat closet, jewelry storage and shoe rack are not at all a concern for me. (I said that smugly with false confidence.)

I took pictures in my office because I forgot to at home in the morning and we now live in Eternal Darkness aka Fall and I can't get a decent picture after work hours. My office is also very small, so I couldn't get a full photo. Imagine ankle-length black jeans.

What have I learned about myself so far? I'm overly ambitious that I'll still wear short sleeves this Fall and also, you will pry my sweatshirts and sweatshirt-like shirts from my cold, dead hands. They are the only long sleeve items I picked. 

I also had a bit of a Come to Jesus re my shoes. I wear a pair of trainers nearly every day and I walk a lot so a lot of my less supportive shoes get the short shift. I brought a pair of Novacas ankle booties and Golden Ponies monk strap shoes to work so I can switch out of my trainers and to make my sweatshirt-like shirts look more profesh. More profesh than sneakers, anyway.

I am still in the process of trying to hide all the non-Project 333 stuff in my closet and drawers and I can post a final list of what I've kept soon. It's more work than I thought!