I tried it: Solid Lotion Bar

On or about August 10th I started my solid lotion bar experiment. From that day on, I used Lush's Therapy bar as body lotion daily. (Okay, to be honest twice I was running really late because tardiness is in my blood and I just didn't have the time but every single other day I did.) This was in an effort to be zero waste and plastic free! This bar fit the bill for reduced waste. It's sold off the shelf as pictured. It was my choice whether to put it in a small paper bag or in a container I brought. (I was not prepared. I put it in the bag. *sad trombone*) 

Did it work? Despite my hesitations at using a massage bar as a lotion bar, it worked pretty well. I think I liked it better than my standard lotion even though it is a bit of a process to apply. You have to warm the bar in your hands to use it. Which is easy enough -- at first. But then, the bar gets smaller and smaller. And just like bar soap, it starts to break apart into smaller pieces. That's where it becomes a bit more of a process. Also, it's summer so I am not in need of a wicked deep moisturizing so it's possible this won't be so great over the dry winter months. 

How long did it last? A little over a month. I have a few small pieces left as of this post.

How much did it cost? $12.95 for 1.8oz -- which is steep. Do I really want to pay $13 for moisturizer each month? Probably not. There is a berry bar (Strawberry Feels!) that's larger and cheaper coming in at $11 but it's still probably more than I'd want to spend a month on moisturizer -- despite valuing plastic free and zero waste. 

What next?

The bar's main ingredients are cocoa butter and shea butter so I'll do some digging online. Maybe I can find someplace that sells both in bulk and combine them or figure out a way to get bulk ingredients to make a lotion. If you have any zero waste, plastic free, reduced waste options on this front that you're into, let me know! 


  1. I did make my own and it was totally affordable. The raw butters lasted for ages :) http://jenny-marie.co.uk/diy-vegan-beauty-sugar-scrubs-lotion-bars-moisturiser/

    1. Jenny beat me to it! I bet you can make a bar in less time than making the average meal---- though it'll only help your zero waste goals if you can get the butters in no/minimal packaging.

      Jenny, your lotion recipe looks great AND I already have all the necessary ingredients from making Angry Chicken deodorant. I was actually wondering what to do with all my cocoa butter.

      Good talk, ladies. Off to make lotion.

    2. Thank you for that! I found a few DIYs online last night but I couldn't manage to find the ingredients package-free, which is a bummer. I will try to see if I can get it locally in bulk - at least both the shea and cocoa butter! I will keep an eye out because I'd love to try this one!

  2. i'd be surprised if no where near you sold shea and cocoa butter in bulk! whole foods in the south used to, and i've seen it at lots of indie stores!

    1. Oh I'll check Whole Foods just in case! Yeah, I imagine someone has it somewhere!


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