How it fits: Everlane Slouchy Chinos

Back in June I said I was going to scale down (to zero) on buying new clothing. Reused, resale stuff is okay. I'm actually just getting around to wearing everything I bought new back in May or June - like these Everlane slouchy chinos. Can they still be called chinos if they're black? Apparently. 

I bought these in a larger size and decided to keep them - even though I should have returned them. I am unsure why I couldn't figure out that they didn't fit me like, at all. I thought it was just the bagginess of the style at the time. (Duhhhrr.) Now I have the extra work of trying to sell them. These are the 4's and they're already plenty baggy. I'm typically a 28 in pants but I have junk in the trunk so I purchased the 6's as per their size guide. But the 4's were plenty spacious for my junk. Also they are ridiculously comfortable. I would wear these every single day and have a boxy pleated pants shape forever if I felt people wouldn't notice. 

I'm 5'2" and these are basically way below ankle length on me yet on the Everlane models they look about 6" shorter. Just giving you fellow shorties a heads up re fit. 

I originally posted this on IG as a prime example of the "DGAF I'm in my early 40's" look I have carefully cultivated, with my pleated pants, faux Birks (vegan!) and my "it's stretchy and small so it won't look too wrinkled" t-shirt. I've just come to terms with the fact that in terms of wardrobe care I still function like a high school stoner even though I'm basically accidentally straight edge and a pretty functional adult in a lot of other areas of my life. So I just work with that low bar and try not to give myself high maintenance clothing these days. (Both in care and also in "curating" "outfits" and stuff.) If I accidentally purchase hand-wash garments these days, it's a mega bummer and of course I never realize until after I've worn it and I'm in the process of dumping it in my laundry bag for the first run. 

They always tell us to be our authentic selves. So that's me. High school stoner level of wardrobe maintenance skills. And that's fine. 


  1. "I would wear these every single day and have a boxy pleated pants shape forever if I felt people wouldn't notice."

    Eh, let 'em notice. This could be your "cartoon character outfit" or self-imposed uniform.

    I bought some really comfy leggings recently and can't believe I ever wore anything else. I thought my other clothes were pretty comfy--- little did I know!

  2. I love this attitude! And per usual, I like (almost) everything Everlane makes better on reviewers than their models. (Seriously.) Those pants look fantastic.

    I always thought chino was the style and khaki the color, though. So you can totally have black chinos, but you can't have black khakis. Right?

    1. Oh that makes so much more sense re khakis vs chinos. I think I have just used both interchangeably for the same pants.

      I also really like seeing customer photos for clothing because everything fits so different than on the standard model (obviously)! Or at least when they have a wide range of models.

  3. high school stoner wardrobe ftw...or in my case, liberal arts college kid on a spring break trip to Nepal.

    1. I think a high school stoner wouldn't be caught dead in my current wardrobe (or at least I wouldn't have as a h.s. stoner!) but the level of care I can give to it as about the same as a h.s. stoner. Like, I'll pick stuff up off the floor and brush it off or leave it in a pile and hang it up during my superhot shower so it's sort of passable when I'm ready to wear it. Thursday I literally counted on the high humidity to take fold-creases from the laundry service out of my dress (it did). That's where the h.s. stoner association comes in -- same skill level. Not in terms of what it looks like, though.

    2. Like, how do business people even function and keep their white shirts white and ironed? It's a skill I will never ever have. Nothing I own will ever look crisp or sharp, ever.

  4. I've been utilizing a spray bottle to de-wrinkle my linen lately & it's really doing the job! It helps that I live in the desert so it dries almost immediately. It still has that "wrinkled linen" look but it's more "lived in" than "slovenly" so I can wear it to work & just get a squinty suspect gaze from my coworkers instead of outright horror.


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