Life Lately: Everlane shirts, more used clothing, topless drinks and block printing

Hey pals. I am really a glutton for punishment in that I'm insistent on posting here sporadically and poorly. This is just not something I'm able to "whole ass" lately.

I had an Everlane credit which I used on two linen blend shirts and second pair of the same pants I already have. (First ones were a little too big but I kept them anyway because I enjoy looking like a bulky square.) It's a decent shirt but if you have cats with sharp nails, beware that they are very susceptible to pulls. (Olivia is basically Wolverine.)

After that purchase, I'm trying to scale back and only buy used stuff...again. I got out of the habit of looking at resale and thrift shops but I'm going to have a comeback. *fists up* I'll be feeling sleeves hanging off hangers for fabric feel and hitting the dressing room with loaded arms - watch out! 

On the disposables front, I'm still trying to deal with my one-use dependence. Walking and the subway are my main modes of transportation so I don't carry around the giant heavy reusable kits some people have ("I just leave it in my car!" LOL tnx). I try to have a mason jar on me but it doesn't always happen. In an effort at plastic harm reduction with my last iced coffee purchase, I did skip the straw. I remembered that some people (posting under the hashtag #toplessforthesea) advocate for not taking a lid, either. I tested this out on the mean (and crumbling and uneven) streets of Manhattan and had marginal success. So now I'll skip the lid. I know that's a small thing -- but I think just the mindset of thinking about the waste and what harm reduction solutions are available is a helpful outlook.

This cup is actually compostable but I had to save it at my desk and bring it home with me to make sure it ended up in an industrial compost collection, the only way it will ever get composted. Backyard piles will take years on this one cup and putting it in the trash means it'll be sealed away with the rest of our garbage and it will not compost anytime soon. 

I did sign up for #plasticfreejuly -- obvs I'm paying attention now, too, but I'll document July a little more thoroughly and hopefully put my best foot forward. 

I hate to even mention it because I've done very little so far but. I put my hat in the ring for Jaunty Dame's June Challenge - Finish 3 Projects. I picked the following housewares/clothing projects to chose from:

  1. block printing cloth napkins I bought for 50 cents at a prop shop last year
  2. block print a too-sheet black Reformation shirt I bought 2 years ago
  3. block print a beige (not my color) Po-em dress 
  4. request and use a sell-by-mail bag from Buffalo Exchange for my stockpiled unwanted clothing
  5. try to make my own shirt with this pattern 

It's June 20th and thus far I've carved my block print (a snake!) and purchased two more colors of Speedball fabric ink. I have 10 more days to make it happen!


  1. Never apologize for not blogging often; we're not paying you, and it's your hobby, not your Life's Work. We take what you offer and we enjoy it. Not sure why I'm speaking for strangers.

    I'm aiming to try Plastic-Free July this year. Already apprehensive.

    Thanks for the link!!! Your projects sound way more fun than mine. That snake block is great.

    1. I wish you were the voice for all strangers on all issues!

      I really have to get going with my block printing. I'm earmarking this Friday night for it I think. (Woohoo.) Thank you for creating the challenge. It's helpful to have some pressure!

      I hear you on the Plastic Free July -- I am never as successful as I think I'll be and often completely the opposite.

    2. "I wish you were the voice for all strangers on all issues!"

      Aww, thanks!

      RE: Plastic-Free July--- you don't feel successful, but reading about YOUR efforts reminds me (and the strangers for whom I nobly speak) to make an effort.

      Plus, most of us have been using disposable junk for years and barely giving it a thought; now we're aware, which makes us feel worse but greatly improves our odds of making better choices.

      All that said, I'm still dreading July. ^___^

    3. Forgot to say: while you walk a lot further/more often than I do, I'm also carless and also marvel at the people who carry two mason jars and heavy steel containers at all times.

      My Zero Waste efforts and Minimalist efforts are always duking it out...

    4. Very true re cognizance and the resulting bummer! I do think it's important to talk about it and keep trying but I always wish it were easier.

  2. Yay, always good to see a new post from you!

    I've been desperately trying to cut down our plastics... but it is really not going too well. Grocery stores are the worst. How is it not possible to buy carrots without a plastic container or a bag? Even the new crop ones are bagged. Ugh. Market places are wonderful for plastic-free grocery shopping in Helsinki, but none of them are even closely conveniently located, and most of them are closed by the time I'm done with work. I guess I should just bite the bullet and accept that I will have to travel a bit and spend more time arranging my grocery shopping trips. Well, at least we have great public transportation in Helsinki...


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