One day I can dress myself, the next day I can't.

I wore this to: work; drag my groceries and cat litter home 25 blocks (= 2 miles) on a handtruck getting a bunch of weird looks from people

Lugging stuff around is the #1 thing I dislike about NYC. It's hard to schlep supplies around. Oh, also travel time if there's no direct subway route -- it can take a ridiculous amount of time (ex. one 2.5 mile route is 30-40 mins by subway, 10 mins by car, 50 mins to walk).

But I've been trying to use taxi services less hence the handtruck for groceries. (I hate to push grandma carts but I'm somewhat willing to drag a handtruck behind me.)

- h&m floral dress from 2 yrs ago
- clasp belt, via Qns Salvation Army
- Maggie's Organics Tights
- Neuaura shoes via Mooshoes


A Bonus:
Outfit Fail

I wore this to: go to work


- jcrew button down via Launchpad swap
- skirt/aa
- flats/Payless
- Maggie's Organics tights
- VW sacred heart necklace via Portland Crossroads

I thought it's be a nice juxtaposition to throw a silver, chunky, sacred heart necklace over the more conservative button-down but nay. Nay nay nay. It just looked awful and sadly I gave myself the whole day to make sure it wasn't just that I was out of my comfort zone. The shirt needs to be unbuttoned to seem less stuffy and have a better fit (paradoxically wearing it more unbuttoned accentuates the ladies less). Learned lesson. Stuffy shirts = 2-3 buttons unbuttoned. Necklace, never over button down. Never do either again. Done and done.

I don't blame you for not caring about the details but I did want to let you know that I let myself walk around looking like a weirdo all day at work for the sake of style experimentation. Why is it that there are sometimes I just cannot judge if I'll like something before I leave the apartment?


  1. I love that first outfit so much! And to tote supplies, no less. Bravo!

  2. I don't think that second outfit is a total fail! Not your best work, but still cute.

    And that second outfit is especially cute! That dress and belt are perfect together.

  3. The first outfit is utterly fantastic! I think the second outfit is cute and not a fail. It would be better if the shirt fit better, yes, but I love the color palette and the necklace.

  4. I have the same dress! I should try it with a different belt, I feel the tie takes away from it.

    I like the second one, though I always feel silly when I wear a blouse with that AA skirt. It feels so counter-intuitive.

  5. So I think both outfits work, but I don't know the delicate balance of the boob-ordeals, so I'll take your word on it. I wonder if a light cardigan and a belt over outfit two would balance off the highlighting of the "ladies"?
    The dress is a classic "cool dress from H&M" that they just do so well sometimes. Well done.
    Finally, I am interested in these organic tights, and may need to invest in a pair. They don't see the cause awkward cling-action, as sometimes cotton tights tend to do.

  6. I agree that the biggest downfall of public transportation is that sometimes you have to go so far off course to get to your destination, you could have walked it in the same amount of time.
    Which is why I can't wait until we can teleport. oh man. it's gonna be awesome.

    I'm glad you are willing to be a weirdo for style experimentation. It's better than being a weirdo who never experiments and wears a subtle variation of the same thing every day.

    I agree with the button down issue. I also think that anything straight up to the neck accentuates in the girls too much an in a bad way. they always look... off center... or something.

  7. I LOVE the first one, and the second one is still ok. My first thought was quirky but cute librarian?

  8. I also frequently struggle with the unplanned breast-fest which occurs with too high necklines, inappropriately cut shirts, etc. I have to say that your "fail" look is not such a bad pairing, on principle- but not flattering to your pretty shape. Just goes to show getting dressed everyday is no walk in the park!


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