More importantly...the hug chain

More important than lap come fall:

Orko hugs O'Tim on my lap, who hugs Ollie

The fact that O'Tim sits on my lap at all is amazing - he was dumped on me, sick and borderline feral, and I couldn't touch him for over a year. It wasn't 'til year 3 that he really started to come around. We're now in year 6 or so and he's still improving!


  1. Too cute. Henry the dog sitting on my foot right now.

  2. this makes me get all mushy..... and jealous. I wish my two cats would cuddle. Clyde will follow me to whatever part of the apt I'm crashing in but if Mo jumps up to cuddle and sees Clyde.. off she goes. Of course, being the controlling mother that I am, once in awhile I'll grab both of them for some corporal cuddling. Nothing says love like a hug/chokehold.

  3. pile of cuddling cats!
    what could be better?

  4. it is so WONDERFUL that these cats sometimes do come around to "hugs" with patience and care. Amazing.

  5. aaaww! I have a catty post coming up later on today!

  6. Aw, too sweet! O'Tim gives me hope... I've had my feral Masa for over two years, and still no touching. (Occasionally he curls up next to my feet at night and I can hear him purr quietly - that's as good as it gets.)


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