Hail Face

I wore this to: go to work on a sunny day; get off the subway at 9:30pm planning to briskly walk home in the rain to barely make it 10 steps before hail pelted me in the face, making it impossible to see (and it stings!), forcing me to run back to the subway station and get stuck soaking wet with a bunch of strangers for 20 minutes

hail in my face
- aa shirt
- vintage skirt via meshimar consignment
- payless flats

I think this is the first time I've been scared straight by Mother Nature. I had no idea what being pelted with hail feels like 'til now. "Why do my eyes sting, I can't see and apples are falling on me?" (My subway stop isn't near any trees but I guess these are the connections my brain makes in moments of crisis.) It wasn't 'til I was down the subway stairs with dozens of ice cubes hot on my trail that I realized I was being Whack-a-Moled by hail. New Yorkers, I hope you fared better than I did.

This skirt is a new addition as of this weekend, from a local consignment store. In case you didn't notice, it's almost to my knees! Work ahoy! I don't usually post how much I paid for stuff because who cares? But it was approximately the price of a movie.

Also I've decided I'm taking all daily pictures with my sunglasses on because I can't seem to not blink or grimace in every other picture and this will at least remedy the blinking.


  1. I *really* like this skirt on you. Super cute and flattering.

  2. jeebus that's a fantastic skirt. Though I am sorry you suffered a vicious hail attack. This line : "Whack-a-Moled by hail." - best visual ever! Hail is scary stuff.

  3. I also really dig the skirt. Hey also thought you might find this amusing...bedbugs have finally made it to NZ.

  4. That skirt is the first thing I noticed! Quite a score.

    Also, I was in a show and I completely missed the hail! Between hail and tornadoes, I'm beginning to think the Midwest has followed me here.

  5. cute!
    love the length & colors of the skirt.
    And the hail story is too funny.
    I'm getting there tomorrow aft.
    Supposed to be rainy rainy. nice.
    Work thurs & fri, but email me and I'll give you the secret location for a friends gathering sat. eve, if you are free! :)

  6. Being trapped in the subway for 20 minutes sounds awful -- I hate being caught off guard with the weather.

    Love the new skirt, it's super cute and a pretty darn good deal!

    Chic on the Cheap

  7. oh no sounds painful!! I really just hate walking in the rain :-/

  8. You look youthfully sophisticated in your flattering plaid. I have 2 vintage plaid kilts I wish I could beam to you, as I have no idea how to wear them...


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