Fall Out

A much shorter post!

I wore this to:
work; chores; life; pet kittehs

Layering v.2010

- button down/gap via beacons closet
- sweatervest, via score swap
- dkny skinny pants
- flats payless
- religious something-stomething pin, atomic ashes in portland


  1. The sunglasses really pull it all together!

  2. Is your hair in braids? looks very purdy. Also like your button down. i need more, but have to be careful as to the style or i look boxy.

  3. @ Sarah - right? I keep wanting to wear them all the time.

    @ Teeny - yep, it's braided, with the end tucked under and bobby pinned to stay like a little braid bun. I did this a while ago when my hair was shorter and women would ask me how to do it. It's a really lazy updo - perfect for me.

  4. i love the detail on that blouse! super cute. and the flowy vest over it is a nice touch. ~joelle


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