About Jesse

What is this blog?

It's a vegan fashion blog.  But I think that being vegan means you care about life in general.  So it's vegan fashion but also about labor standards and environmental impact.  Basically, what is an ethical wardrobe? 

You can find out what "Dressing Vegan" means to me and why I bother doing it at that link.

This blog was originally supposed to be about making ethical choices about clothing and housewares, but apparently housewares are like my bastard child and I love clothes best.  This was heavily inspired by 50Rx3, when it was around.

Hi there.  I'm Jesse O.

- live in Brooklyn
- wear (and like) clothes
- am interested in vegan clothes and an ethical wardrobe
- work in animal welfare
- am a feral cat and Trap Neuter Return (TNR) advocate
- like birds, too
- have cats and also like dogs, especially big dogs
- am vegan and like food!
- look like this:

You are reading my blog.

Product Reviews:

I am happy to do an honest review of your vegan product, if it's a type of product I normally use.  You can email me at the email listed below.

No ads:

This is an ad-free blog.  I don't do this to monetize it.  It's my leisure blog.  While we're on the topic of monetizing:  I support blogs that are clear about what they monetize and who sponsors them.  I will occasionally accept bags or apparel on a limited basis and value transparency so those items will always be clearly noted up front.  I only accept items when they're in alignment with my values - vegan, fair labor standards, eco component.  My goal is to show a representation of these items and as objective an opinion as possible to help other navigate the waters of purchasing items that work for them that are also vegan and made with fair labor standards, not to collect free stuff. 


My main outfit goal is:  "Only wear (vegan) things that make you look like you're going to hang out with Christina Billotte circa Slant 6 and Quixotic."  I'm not interested in editorial or high fashion for me, although I appreciate it generally.  So, by posting outfit pictures, please know I'm not showing off my style as much as trying to show that you can put together an ethical wardrobe and not look markedly different than anyone else.

You can find all outfit posts here.  I usually take outfit pictures indoors because I'm too busy to go stroll around the park to do so in the name of better lighting and scenery, although sometimes I wish I weren't.  I usually post "I wore this to..." lists because I like being a voyeur in other peoples' lives and I don't mind letting you be a limited voyeur, too.  Plus, the better you know me, the more cool things you can recommend to me.


You can reach me at jesse.anne.oh at gmail


Thanks for taking time out of your busy day to be...here.



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