Haircut, ordering Everlane and Po-em and vintage llama vases

When I logged in here I realized I had a draft and all that was in that draft was this --

Simka Sol t-shirt dress
Baggu round bag
Insecta cut-out oxfords 
still kickin' the Overtone on my hair A++

Which was from a few weeks ago on a work trip. I just got a haircut this week, like so -- 

po-em indigo day dress
Stitchprism necklace

Hindsight is 20/20. I realize now that I have completely cheated myself out of a Wayne's World Garth costume hairdo (au naturale!). I'm pretty committed to keeping it nerdy art student short so I won't be regrowing it any time soon.

I am still mostly wearing all the same stuff, though when I got through a massive amount of work and hit a milestone (aka "I finally got that first step of the project done"), I decided I'd buy some of the stuff I was pinning. Pew pew pew! (That's the ray gun sound of online shopping. I didn't have the time to go anywhere in person.) I ended up with 3 Everlane t-shirt dresses, 1 Everlane green/white striped shirt and 1 po-em gray printed day dress. That should really be enough for the summer. Should be. And also flexible no matter the size of my trunk. We'll see how the Everlane stuff fits when it comes in. I was hoping to buy a second Simka Sol t-shirt dress but they just keep making the same patterns (cactus, which I have and donuts and no thanks on that one). I'm on the notify list for the oracle pattern. 

Oh and also I bought this necklace from Stitchprism (see above, too). It is "so me" that my boyfriend thought I already owned it.

Also, god bless old stuff. Look at this! I hope one of you is secretly rich and buys this piece of history.


  1. Love your haircut! Also curious to hear your thoughts on the Everlane clothes. I've considered ordering dresses from them quite often, but never pull the trigger. I think part of the issue is that I'm tall (6') and always paranoid their dresses will not be long enough, or will hit me in the wrong spots.

    1. That was me -- Kate Bu, btw (@keitto on instagram)

    2. Hey Kate! I think they list the length of the size on the model so that might help. I usually try not to buy dresses unless they're 35-36" which goes to about my knee and I'm 5'2'! Their t-shirt dress with the pocket is more of a slim fit but their other t-shirt dresses are a bit more a-line. I'll try to get photos!


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