It's spring. I work a lot.

Here I am! A month later! I've been very busy keeping up our hermit crabs' Instagram account. The hermit crabs now have over 300 followers and I'm very proud of them for being so engaging and such charming (and sometimes vindictive) little crustacean ambassadors. Our cats are doing okay so far. They like to watch the crabs and thankfully they'll never know that -- somehow -- the crabs are the animals in the house who managed to get their own Insta. Not the cats. 

I've also been busy with work and while I love it, it's less fun to talk about here. Like, I don't talk about it, is what I'm trying to say. Because, profesh. But it feels like that's all I've been doing lately.

I took this dimly lit selfie in a hotel in CA when I was traveling It's now dresses + no socks season and I couldn't be happier. 

dress - secondhand
bag - baggu cotton circle bag
pin - gift, vintage Soviet cat pin
shoes - those Sanuks I posted about previously that tricked me

It's also kitten season. You guys. Fix those mom cats. Do Trap Neuter Return (TNR). Look up TNR workshops in your area or info on community cat programs online. Rescue the babies, get them indoors. Try to get them around 5-6 weeks old so they don't learn to hate people during their outdoor living. Ideally we all do this before moms have kittens, but that's not always possible, I know. If all goes well, this week we'll have spayed one mom and rescued 5 kittens. 

And it's almost Plastic Free July! I need a good reset. In my busyness I've resorted to a lot of take out and that means a lot of plastic and glass. I'm looking to cut down on that kind of thing and get back in the habit of batch cooking stuff I bought in bulk for lunches. Also, I'll have more money if I do that. Win-win.

Clothing wise. I cleaned out most of my closet. I sold some stuff to Beacon's Closet. I've got a stack of stuff for Slowre. And I've got a stack of stuff for a local swap that's being organized via my local Buy Nothing group. (Did I tell you about Buy Nothing groups? I got some rando flatware to use when we have big parties and a bag of Wellness cat food so far. I tried to give away a new small dog carrier I ended up with but got no takers.)

I purchased a pair of rain shoes and a pair of shoes for shelter visits that can be easily cleaned. I bought a $25 cuff bracelet at Beacon's Closet (so, secondhand). And I bought a dress secondhand. There may have been 2 dresses but I cannot for the life of me remember and they're probably in the laundry. 


  1. Dress + no socks = sweet relief. I like your look.

    I need a Plastic Free reset, too. I've never actually done a Trash Inventory or whatever it's called, and I think that would help.

    Congratulations on your closet clean out! How did it feel?

    Rather than donating things to a thrift store, I've been putting things in a box outside my building with a sign that says "for free" in German. People have taken so much random stuff off my hands, including random odds and ends (English books, a bag of thread, high heel caps) that would be a burden to most thrift stores.

    1. It was a gradual clean out and there's probably still more time to come but it feels good to not have things I don't wear in there as much.

      I have done the "free pile" thing here as well - both in our apartment building lobby and outside the building. Most stuff gets taken - I think we eventually figured out it's by our super and ends up in the basement. I'm not sure if it's all of it or some of it? But yeah, most of it goes OR the super just throws it out if they don't want it so while I still do it, it's kind of a toss-up. I keep trying to remind myself that I should not be bringing more stuff into my apartment! In early June my local Buy Nothing group is having a clothing swap near the city clothing drop off point so I'll probably bring most of my stuff that's left there.

    2. Ugh, they're moving things to the basement? Whose side are they on?!

      I too struggle with the "stop hauling so much stuff home!" part of minimalism. I'm a sucker for pretty things. And okayish-things, evidently.

      Buy Nothing groups are such a cool idea.

    3. QUESTION: Do you have a favorite vegan face-friendly sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or higher?

      The only SPF 30 face sunscreen I've found around here always works its way into my eyes and burns like crazy. It's also shiny as the sun. I have an SPF 15 I like, but I'm not sure it's really protecting my face.

    4. Thanks to the For the Love of Vegan Makeup FB group, I use Andalou's 30 spf serum. It's really just a light moisturizer vs a serum. That's the closest I've found to a higher spf in a light moisturizer.


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