I still wear clothes. Mostly the same clothes.

I am wearing most of the same stuff still. I buy stuff here and there but I tend to wear a lot of the same things (unless I can't fit into them any longer, which is a thing that happens nowadays). And I never take photos of anything any longer because it's just all the same stuff. So, here's the same stuff I usually wear! 

Are you wearing the same stuff you usually do, too? If so, what are your go-to items?

Everlane long-sleeve t
Everlane denim from the op shop
the probably sweatshop Sanuks I posted about recently
and a tote bag from Renegade craft fair like a decade ago


  1. I'm always happy to see people wearing their old things! Sets a good example, and hows others how to remix/jazz up what they have.

    Your hair's been looking really cool lately! Do you miss dyeing it dark, or have you adapted?

    Today, I wore a dress I've worn at least thirty times with a vest that I've worn at least fifty times, but I'd never worn them TOGETHER before. Legit excited about it. Made both things seem new, in a weird way.

    This summer, I'm going to the US for the first time since summer 2015. It appears I'll be wearing the exact same two summer dresses and sandals I wore in 2015. Part of me's embarrassed, and part of me's proud of myself. I'm no more stylish than I was three years ago, but I'm less wasteful now.

    1. I definitely do NOT miss dying my hair brown or black. I have silver streaks now so I do get it "highlighted" every 2 months -- which basically means whiting out the top layer to match my natural white. I have always been really excited about having a natural white bob and while I'm not quite there yet, I'm excited about having some natural white, a bob and the ability to not deal with white roots on a darker color. People compliment me about it often and I have to admit it's not 100% natural!

      That's awesome re the combining of tried and true clothing!

      Are you heading anywhere near me in the US of A?!

    2. Your silver hair looks great--- I'm glad you're enjoying it. I have 20-40 white hairs now, and still find them wonderfully novel. Free highlights. My hair is post-pixie, pre-bob, and will be for many months to come. -sighs wearily-

      If my geography's right, I'll be across Prospect Park from you for a few days in mid-July! I'd love to see you, but thought you might have vacation plans around that time.

    3. Oh my god yes! When you know your dates email me so we can get together!

  2. Yes! Always wearing my same old stuff. I did buy a couple of "new" things at the thrift store for a vacation that I just returned from (jean shorts, because I never wear shorts at home but knew I'd need them for Florida weather, and two linen shirts, one short-sleeved, and one 3/4-sleeved). That's probably all I'll buy for this summer. My summer sandals (not flip flops, but flat strappy sandals) are on their last legs (they barely stay on my feet anymore), but I'm dedicated to making them last one more summer!


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