Some clothing just gives me all the feels.

Part of the thrill of shopping op shops, thrift stores, vintage, etc is finding something great. A great "so extra" bag! A solid basic wardrobe workhorse! Or just seeing something so ridiculous from the '80s that people earnestly wore. Or finding stuff from the '50s or '60s that looks so Pretty in Pink it hurts. Like so

screencap from Garbagefinds (link above and below)

Look at that lucky bastard's find! I guess searching trash daily takes some of the luck out of it, eh? Godspeed, dude behind Garbagefinds. More power to you.

Sometimes I dream of doing re-sale for a living but I hate the post office and, therefore, no one would ever get their packages so I would be pretty crap at it. But finds like that still keep that impossible dream alive for me. 

Some clothing just gives me all the feels. David Bowie Is opened at the Brooklyn Museum of Art and we went. It was kind of intense being that close to a bunch of Bowie's costuming. It was humanizing and overwhelming -- both in loss and charm -- all at once. (It helped being surrounded by his video and audio at all times as well.) Now when I walk by the museum I feel like he's in there, just puttering around, pulling out his cat bodysuit or his Freddie Buretti Life on Mars blue suit and feeling the fabric in a content and admiring way. Confident in his choices - he always did it right. 

screencap from Brooklyn Museum David Bowie Is exhibit

It's easy to feel like a slacker in the face of the formal fifties and David goddamn Bowie. I won't ever be someone who puts that much effort into my own attire. But good on 'em -- the fifties bridesmaid and Bowie alike. 


  1. That suit is incredible.

  2. We visited NYC a few weeks ago and went to the Brooklyn Museum which was great. We were a bit early for the Bowie exhibition unfortunately, but did get to see the Jean Michel Basquiat painting which was amazing.

  3. The Bowie exhibit sounds fabulous. Wish I could see it. He was/is magical.


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