She will change my life.

Do you know what would improve my life exponentially?


What's that, you ask? Why, it's Ellie the Elephant the incense holder. She can hold sticks (as demonstrated) or cones (which go under her little bod). I ran into her when I was holiday shopping and had stopped in at UO to see if I could find a cute tote or reusable coffee mug for a white elephant gift exchange. I didn't. But I did see her. I do burn incense cones (pine!) pretty regularly and imagine my future delight when I carefully place a lit cone under her belly and pine smoke comes out of everywhere, looking like a demon Treetrunks from Adventure Time. Gah! Hi, Ellie! Hi!

I kept an eye on her online for a few weeks, turning into over a month. She's $3 cheaper now than she was. But still, I keep putting off buying her.

Several times I was on long walks through Manhattan where I passed a UO and thought, "Now. Now is my time." But I didn't go in. 

She is really really rillly rilly cute. And I would use her. But I can't let myself do it, no matter how much she lives in my brain. This, apparently, is one of the hills I die on?

Especially after the holidays and having to absorb so much more "stuff" into my household and life -- stuff I love and stuff that's useful for the majority of it -- I am really trying to justify anything else I bring in. I've purchased stuff. My office foster cat has upwards of $40-worth of new cat toys to keep her busy. I have a "new" acrylic gray jacket from the thrift. I have new-in-the-package onigiri holders from Goodwill (see my IG). The hermit crabs have new Gladware pools to replace pools that had some issues. (Plus new shells to fit them and handmade netting for their tank off Etsy.) I bought stuff. Just stuff that was mostly a necessity or comes from the great maw of discarded and trash-bound items. I didn't buy a brand new incense holder that is just cuter than the one I have. Like, so cute it hurts. 

I'm much more likely to let myself buy something used, something discarded, something from Goodwill or something brought in from Brooklyn's famous quality freepiles. So, here I am. No elephant incense holder for me. Unless I find her at Goodwill in a year or two. 


  1. That IS a very cute incense burner--- is it telling that you refer to it as "she/her" rather than "it"? As in, you're anthropomorphizing it because it's so adorable? Would it/she have been so attractive to you if she hadn't been given a name?

    I've been actively resisting a $100 necklace on Etsy. Sure, I keep telling myself it'll up my style quotient and make outfits special, but I know how disappointing online purchases can be. Returning things overseas is ridiculous and expensive, so I'll keep resisting.

    1. I actually didn't know she had a name until I looked her up online after I'd been thinking about the purchase for a while! I think because she is an elephant and because I'm really careful to not use "it" for an animal so I guess it just transferred over to this, too.

      May the force be with you on the Etsy necklace. I echo the same experience when ordering online.

    2. Re: Pronouns
      Pregan, , I always used to kill spiders when I found them in my home. When I decided that had to stop (startling me should not have a death sentence), I changed my ways by 1) talking to the spiders (“You scared me! What are you doing in my bathroom?”) and by describing all spiders with female pronouns to help me better relate to them. Benevolent sexism, spider edition.

      Re: Animal-shaped objects

      One of my stocking stuffers this year was a wooden pig toy. Embarrassingly, I keep worrying that it will get lonely since there are no other animals in that part of the living room and wondering if I should move it closer to Ian’s childhood stuffed animals..... at a thrift store, I saw a cow-shaped knickknack and honestly thought, “if I bought a cow, the pig wouldn’t be so lonely!” What a softie.

      Re: Etsy

      I’ve resisted, and I think the worst cravings are behind me. Go team!


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