Odds & Ends: makeup brush cleaning, coffee stirrers, Joe Keery

Hi pals!

Have you seen this single-use hack? Pasta as coffee stirrers! Accessible, compostable.

Also Steve from Stranger Things (aka Joe Keery) suggests you wash your hair less to "extend the shelf life". I can get behind that because I'm lazy and also, less water and product used. He notes he's on day 3 in his interview. Since I've gone blonde+pink, I'm way ahead of him.

My Halloween makeup application really put my makeup brushes through their paces. It was time for a cleaning. I saw this makeup brush cleaning tutorial on Going Zero Waste and followed it...mostly. The tutorial notes that you should use a castile soap like Dr. Bronner's and sweet almond oil. I had jojoba on hand, so I just used that instead. (Hey, I didn't finally learn how to pronounce it to not use it every chance I get.)

Who knew I had so many kabuki and blush brushes?

This worked out pretty well. In the past I'd just used hand soap to clean my brushes. I won't pretend I think that's uncivilized -- but it was a little drying. This combo solves that issue and hopefully the brushes last a little longer because of it. Also I would like Adult Activity credit for this one. 

I'm still in the process of getting used to Project 333 so far. I think I've almost worn all my items once at this point. I will start documenting what I chose and how it's working out soon -- I am just behind on doing so. 


  1. I'm trying to stretch my days between washings, but I'm still lucky if I make it to... three? This may improve as my hair gets longer, or maybe my hair's too fine to ever go very long without being washed/re-fluffed.

    I don't have any liquid hand soap, but my makeup brushes could use a little conditioning.... wonder if ACV would do any good...

    1. Ah yeah, I have pretty thick hair (like, I had a 80% undercut and no one could even tell because I had enough hair left over for a full haircut). I did have to get my hair used to it over time with dry shampoo -- but ever since I started doing the half head of bleached out highlights, it's so porous it just eats any hair oils. I do always brush it and figure out if it needs dry shampoo though.

      We use Dr Bronners/Sal's Suds for dish soap and diluted for hand soap so that's what I ended up using for this. I'm not sure re AVC - I feel like it's more a rinse than an oil cutter?

      I did find this online, which uses vinegar only but a lot of them are vinegar and dish soap:


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