Kickoff of Project 333

I have begun. I put together my list. It is not exactly Project 333 but close enough. You know what they say - don't let perfection be the enemy of good. And I never ever do.

Project 333: 33 items, 3 months.
Includes: clothing, accessories, shoes, outerwear, jewelry
Does not include: underwear, lounge clothes, workout gear

My "Project 333": 28 items, 3 months
Includes: clothing, accessories as in bags
Does not include: outerwear, shoes, jewelry (and all stuff the real project doesn't include, too)

I am not overwhelmed by my coats and jackets, shoes or jewelry and typically wear all the same stuff anyway. I will pay extra attention to weeding out what I don't use in those areas to keep things streamlined but my coat closet, jewelry storage and shoe rack are not at all a concern for me. (I said that smugly with false confidence.)

I took pictures in my office because I forgot to at home in the morning and we now live in Eternal Darkness aka Fall and I can't get a decent picture after work hours. My office is also very small, so I couldn't get a full photo. Imagine ankle-length black jeans.

What have I learned about myself so far? I'm overly ambitious that I'll still wear short sleeves this Fall and also, you will pry my sweatshirts and sweatshirt-like shirts from my cold, dead hands. They are the only long sleeve items I picked. 

I also had a bit of a Come to Jesus re my shoes. I wear a pair of trainers nearly every day and I walk a lot so a lot of my less supportive shoes get the short shift. I brought a pair of Novacas ankle booties and Golden Ponies monk strap shoes to work so I can switch out of my trainers and to make my sweatshirt-like shirts look more profesh. More profesh than sneakers, anyway.

I am still in the process of trying to hide all the non-Project 333 stuff in my closet and drawers and I can post a final list of what I've kept soon. It's more work than I thought! 


  1. -blows airhorn-
    -waves foam finger-
    -shrieks like a Beatles fan-

    1. Hahaha! Well, we'll see. I'm doing it imperfectly, but I'm doing it. I think it will help!

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you! Monk strap shoes are my favorite style!


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