Old, gifted and thrifted

Hi buds. Look at me! Wearing the same things forever! That is my #1 tip for ethical wardrobes. Re-use the heck out of stuff. Also, buy used. If not used, then buy with a low imprint and good labor standards. 

I am still carrying my extra "insurance" -- a few extra pounds that will save me from certain death if I ever get super ill (like my flu-induced stomach bout of yore). My clothes still fit but they are kinda just fitting so I should start walking more or actually jogging-running again. (I'll go with walking more.) I am pretty lazy these days (like out of breath on the stairs lazy) and also I guess I don't want to exacerbate the genetic heart disease I'm bound to inherit? From a #wasteless perspective, not switching sizes a bunch is helpful in not having to get a new wardrobe...I guess. But why is exercise so gd miserable, I ask you?

Cardigan: gift from 2 Xmases ago
Shirt: thrift store shopping last week
Necklace: Clyde's Rebirth
Shoes: Insecta 
Tote: gift, and over-dyed when I did the blue dye batch 

Thankfully I have some comfortable fall shoes to do all of that supposed walking in -- my second pair of Insectas. They are an eco brand that uses salvaged materials (fabric, rubber for the soles) and they're surprisingly comfortable. Now that it's 50 frickin' degrees I'm no longer wearing my oxford cut-outs and am wearing these swan oxfords instead. With some Rilakkuma ankle socks, because I'm over 40 and extremely professional.  

In other news, I'm still learning more and more about hermit crabs (now that we have threeeeee) and the cats are incredibly grateful for their new entertainment. Violet, in particular, has really taken to being the main crab steward. She has logged many tireless hours inspecting the crabs for gonopores so she knows whether they're male or female. What a trooper. However, she's not telling. 

In other other news, I started a private online Facebook group for a few friends who agreed to do Lynda Barry's comp book diary exercises on the daily. If you didn't know, Lynda Barry has a tumblr that she uses for her UW comics classes and it is here. She also has a book called Syllabus, which is a hybrid biography of a comics class syllabus and also a book. Anyway, this small group has a few weeks under their (our) belt of this daily observation journal and sometimes this daily animal journal. I cannot really draw, but Lynda Barry loves that people like me try so that's enough for now. Also, I drew this of Violet and I kind of love it. 

The things I draw "better" aren't a style I like anyway but it's weird because I don't know any other way to draw them. My brain knows how to draw a hippo that looks like a hippo ONE way, a way I don't particularly care for. Why? A mystery for the ages.

This doesn't have anything to do with ethical style or reducing waste or anything I say this blog is about but I felt like talking about it and I'm boss here -- so I did. Also I think it's just good to do something different and "creative" sometimes. Maybe all the time! Balance, y'all.


  1. Just wanted to pop in and say thanks for posting! I miss blogs terribly and so many are disappearing. You help keep me in check and on track when I start to dirft from my zero waste/ ethical wardrobe goals. Thanks!

    1. Thank you for the kind words! I also miss "everyday person" journal-type blogs and wish there were still more of them around. I am hoping they'll start to come back again at some point!

  2. This art/drawing journal thing you posted about is intriguing. I might try it too!


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