I'm finally gonna do it: Project 333

I'm staring down the barrel of two hours of ironing tonight. It is no secret (because I complain about it constantly) that we have no washer/dryer in our apartment. There is one in our creepy apartment building basement that I refuse to use after things got red-flaggy with our creepy neighbor. I also hate the local laundromat, where sometimes houseless people sit around to be inside, especially in the winter. (I get it. But I also don't want to hang out there hours each week.) So I prefer to drop off for wash-and-fold service -- which means I need to iron anything that needs to not have folding grid creases on it -- so about 50% of the stuff I own. 

This is long overdue ironing -- this is stuff that was picked up from the wash-and-fold last month. I haven't even dropped over the next three bags of laundry I have. Thanks to having over 50 pair of underwear, I am able to let my laundry pile up to monstrous heights. 

I think I've finally realized that this is not a positive. Being able to put off doing laundry with bags of laundry hanging around the apartment is not, actually, a plus. 

For this reason I'm going to sign up for Project 333. It sounds impossible but I do think I need a smaller rotation of clothing to force me to do laundry more regularly. So, I'll do the closet clean-out as she recommends and then kick off my 3 months with 33 items (hence the "333" name -- which is kind of misleading). This should push me into the fringes of adulthood in the arena of laundering. Fingers crossed.

Have you guys ever done Project 333 or something similar? (I see 10x10 was the big thing this past month, bloggers.)

Today's outfit:
a high street brand dress purchased at Goodwill
DIY necklace made last year


  1. Maybe it's worth getting a clothes steamer? They make the job of wrinkle removing go a lot faster.

    1. That is a good idea and I totally had a big professional one (the $65 ones, not an actual professional one) in addition to a travel one but they were no match for the fold marks that wash-and-fold gives. I'm getting used to ironing for now so hopefully if my clothes are on more frequent rotation, I can just knock it out while watching Hulu.

  2. YES! I am so looking forward to living vicariously through your Project 333!

    I've never tried a real 333, but I fell in love with the simplicity of Bea Johnson's wardrobe and have whittled down my wardrobe considerably: I think I have seven pair of shoes, a week's worth of underwear, and I've stopped buying skirts/trousers/blouses for work and instead wear dresses whenever possible.

    Since I no longer have a blog, I can't follow up on the Buy Only 25 Wearable Items in 2017 goal.... but for the record, I'm up to 18 things.

    How does your partner feel about the basement laundry situation? Would the creepy neighbor be a threat to him too, or is his creepiness aimed exclusively at women? I assume there's no way to get a washer/dryer in your place?

    1. Well done on the 18 things! I will definitely need a 1 in/1 out rule if I'm doing this but hopefully I'll just need nothing. (A gal can dream...)

      Re the basement - he does his own laundry down there though the cops have been involved in situations with both my partner and me with the neighbor so I am not going to ask him to deal with my laundry on my behalf. We kind of have a split household on the laundry front anyway.

    2. Oh wow, that's ULTRA-creepy, then.

      Any laundry ideas so far?

      My most helpful rule for buying less is that anything I buy has to make my wardrobe BETTER, as in closer to my style and ethical ideals, not just Bigger--- I used to buy things with the excuse, "I won't have to do laundry as soon!" but I would up with a whole lot of pretty okayish stuff that more or less fit. Not inspiring.

      I am also trying to learn that no one garment is pure magic that will fix all of my problems. Or any of my problems, really. Somehow I keep believing that the right _________ will be ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE instead of being, you know, just a nicer than average thing to cover part of my body.

    3. For now the situation is managed - we all just ignore each other as per the cops' instruction but I am not planning on putting myself in any situations where we get stuck in a small room or waiting for the elevator together. Hoping we all just keep ignoring each other! (Not a problem on our part!) I am trying to have compassion around the situation because it involves mental illness without actually showing any compassion in person since boundaries need to be definite. But it helps me deal with it, personally, and I have enough mental space to exercise that now.

      Yeah, I am getting there re "no magic garment" -- in doing that ironing I was like "what gray t-shirt is this one?!" so I tend to buy a lot of the same item in seeking the best one, which will hopefully stop with limiting items.

      I think a limited number of clothing and a SET DAY for laundry drop off and pick up will make things a lot easier in my life. I am going to try to drop off Thursdays and pick up on Sundays - so I think have Sunday day to put in an hour of ironing. Hopefully that works!

    4. Is there a special show you could reserve for ironing time, or do you prefer variety? I have a few podcasts I reserve for housecleaning.

      One plus to having a small wardrobe is that your style can evolve more easily. If I wake up tomorrow HATING boots, I only have two pair to wear out before I can replace them with something else. If I decide to wear nothing but purple from now on, it won't take a million years to switch over to purple.

  3. Does the 33 items include undies and bras? I feel like those should be included for free! If so, I don't think I even -own- 33 items. This isn't a mastery of zero-waste living, just my own inability to find clothes that are truly 'me' because I am a big fat middle-aged corporate goth with ridiculous standards.

    1. "This isn't a mastery of zero-waste living, just my own inability to find clothes that are truly 'me' because I am a big fat middle-aged corporate goth with ridiculous standards."

      I love that description.

    2. It includes: clothing, shoes, accessories, jewelry and outerwear but EXCLUDES undergarments, PJs and workout wear (LOL, as if). I figured I would be happy to do clothing, accessories (bags) and keep to 2 outerwear items at a time but between Nov and Jan the level of outerwear will change. I do NOT feel like shoes or jewelry are my problems so I am probably not going to include them. I'm trying to wear as much of those as possible with the same clothing so that goes counter to my goals. I typically naturally weed out shoes that are not comfortable anyway. With jewelry, I do fall back on the same pieces all the time though.

      I tend to buy several iterations of similar gray t-shirts or black jeans so while I don't think I have a ton of different pieces, I have a lot of almost exactly the same ones.

      I totally get owning a limited number of pieces. I definitely did that for a while when I was more exacting about what I'd buy! And also when what I liked wasn't in "fashion" for seasons at a time. It was really frustrating but I definitely felt like managing my clothes was easier at that point - definitely pros and cons to both.

  4. I'm horribly late with commenting, but yikes, I keep forgetting to check my blogroll (I doubt they even call them blogrolls anymore).

    I don't have fond memories of Project 333 when I tried it a few years ago. I ended up looking for loop holes and the whole ordeal just made me frustrated. I chose a terrible time of year for it though, with the weather changing so dramatically over the time period in question that that also caused a world of problems for me. I've got to say though, that your reasoning for doing 333 actually makes a lot of sense. Laundry is a much more practical reason for doing it than the whole "oh I just have too many clothes" thing.

    I wish you good luck with P333, and am looking forward to reading about it!


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