Happy Halloween! My Bat Costume (partly from an old broken umbrella!)

There have been a billion posts on reduced waste and reduced harm Halloween celebrations. I saw a lot of "what do you give out to trick-or-treaters?!" on zero waste and zero waste vegan FB communities! (The verdict seemed to be: clementines, boxed raisins, any mini candy you can find boxed, FEP-approved foil wrapped Sjaak's minis, cans of sparking water/soda or school supplies! Or "Don't bother, it's impossible!" That's the spirit, Zero Wasters!) We don't really get trick-or-treaters since it's a NYC apartment building the management doesn't organize anything so I don't have to worry about that part of Halloween.

I usually do end up dressing up, though, because we have a few friends who are super into Halloween. It's a good holiday, so rightly so. I usually try to dress up without having to buy stuff, or at least limit what I need to buy. Not only is is just better for the environment, but you also don't get stuck waiting on a line to get into Party City. Wait, is that just NYC? There have been a bunch of better, more professionally photo-documented posts about DIY costumes from salvaged material (see one from Style Wise here!) but I'm going to add my blurry iphone photos to the mix, too!

Last year I was Andy Warhol, opportunistically due to my haircut at the time. This year I decided to go for a classic costume -- a bat! Well, semi-classic. My impromptu makeup pushed into more of a twenties style harlequin makeup vibe but whatevs. I wanted to be something classic and I figured I could put it together mostly with things I had on hand. 

What I already had:
  • black long sleeve t-shirt
  • black leggings
  • black shoes and socks
  • costume face makeup and "everyday" makeup I already had (including primer!)
  • a broken black umbrella
  • safety pins
  • black gaffer tape (the tape was my boyfriend's)

What I had to buy:
  • a bat hat I picked up at some cheapo store because I liked it

Technically I already had the hat because I got it in a moment of weakness about six months ago at IKEA no less! But I also could have made a bat hat out of either felt and a headband I already have or black gaffers tape and a headband. 

This was the costume makeup:

I had this stuff from prior years. It's very concentrated so you only need a very tiny amount with water to do face makeup. I was surprised by how little you use so I'll try to incorporate this stuff into costumes in the future! 

I also had a bunch of extra makeup from my vegan beauty box days and just used what I had on hand. Green glitter and white glitter come in handy this time of year. 

And this is the costume! I ended up taping my wings on so you couldn't see any gaps but this was basically it. A bonus: it was very comfortable, I could eat in it, sit in it, walk in it. In fact, we walked the 2 miles to and from the party. Comfort is Queen!

Next year I'll try to plan a little more in advance. I kind of winged this one within a week or so leading up to Halloween. (No pun intended, but I'll take it.) I was originally going to be Peppermint Butler from Adventure Time but I couldn't figure out how to be a convincing PepBut and still eat unobstructed and sit down. Maybe I'll figure it out by next year. 


  1. I LOOOOVE your DIY costume! It's so cute and clever! It just goes to show you don't need to drop $50 to have a decent Halloween costume. :)

    1. Thank you! Yeah, this was probably one of the cheapest costumes I've ever had. I wonder if I can top that (by underspending) next year?!

  2. How fun! Your makeup really takes it to the next level. That is one stylish bat.

    1. Haha, thank you! I wasn't sure what I was doing and then I was like well, I guess here we are. This looks okay. I like the unplanned kinda plans.


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