New bag, new crab.

Over Labor Day we went to Cape May to spend time with family: sitting on the beach, skee ball, Down the Clown, dog belly pats, kiddos, vegan Ben & Jerry's cones, visiting the local cat rescue, vegan empanadas, vegan calzones - you know how I roll. I also stopped in my fave-o-rite store in Cape May - Givens Circle - right in the mall. I got to see a ceramics show they had in their window and I got a black canvas Baggu cirlce bag. It's the perfect size to house my wallet, phones, keys, liptstick, etc. Did I need a bag? NOPE. I had a hard time with not buying stuff this month thanks to a stressful work situation and having no impulse control when I'm stressed the eff out.
And once I start spending, I keep spending. So now I have a new bag. 


After that I basically spent every waking minute working or on hermit crab stuff. Two weeks ago I had a really vivid dream that I rescued a hermit crab and the very next day someone posted in a vegan NYC Facebook group that her kids got a crab as a gift that needed to be rehomed to someone who could take care of it. (THAT'S ME!) So, that's what I've been up to. Letting my bonkers dreams rope me into more responsibility than I actually need. It's truly astounding what land hermit crabs - the ones sold at boardwalk shops in crappy painted shells that are bad for them - actually need so that they don't slowly suffocate to death and die.

I found out that most of what the pet stores sell for hermit crabs is all wrong and basically hermit crabs are the worst pets to have ever -- they are all wild caught, they're forced into painted shells, they need high heat and humidity, they need a really varied diet but don't eat that much, they're nocturnal and social and need crab goes on. Did you know you can buy proper hermit crab food on Etsy?! You can! They come in plastic but almost everything I bought came in plastic except the tank.

As you might imagine, the crab is a hit with the cats, too.

Here is Peter Parker in all his nocturnal glory. (He came in a crappy little bad-for-him Spiderman shell.)

peter parker video

Otherwise, I've been holding down my membership in the #tevagang and just wearing the same ol' stuff most of the time -- Everlane striped t-shirts, Tevas and my sweatshop-but-fit-and-trusty black jeans.



  1. Peter is lucky to know you! I... am a little afraid of crabs, but I made myself watch a bunch of Instagram videos of/about them anyway. David Lynch would be proud of your video--- so moody and textured, aside from the friendly voices.

    1. Are you really? Like, grossed out or just weirded out by them? I love fish but I'm also grossed out by them - and some with some amphibians.

      I'm excited to get him in a better environment but I hope he'll be okay.

    2. I guess it's grossed out mixed with fear? I'm afraid of most bugs/spiders/insects, and crabs seem like giant insects.

      It might also be that I grew up in the Midwest, where one doesn't bump into many crabs, so I never had a chance to get used to them. Then again, I've had PLENTY of opportunities to get used to spiders, and that hasn't helped...


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