Food Prep, Food Waste and Reusing Plastic (aka Failing! woohoo!)

I've been trying to be more careful about food waste lately. I'm basically famous for buying salad greens and once they get slightly not-fresh, relegating them to compost. Part of this has just been picking better -- maybe romaine is a better choice because it lasts longer and stays kinda crisp? Or a tiny head of butter-leaf lettuce that can be used in one salad. Then don't get new lettuce til I need it. 

I'm also trying to meal plan so I don't end up with random stuff in the house that I have to think about, puzzling through how to prepare it or being forced to cook random things that are left in the fridge before they go bad. (My boyfriend does most of the house cooking so he's good at that stuff. I primarily deal with meals that I make in bulk for my work lunches or some batch cooking.) 

This was one of my favorite brown-bag lunch salads a while ago and I brought it back -- corn, red peppers, avocado, cilantro, lime juice

Side note: we were looking at some attractive bowls while window shopping in P-town this past weekend. They were nice and affordable enough but we didn't need new bowls, despite that some of ours are chipped. We realized we're fine with the whole chipped bowls thing (wabi sabi if you must). So please enjoy our consciously-kept chipped bowl in the photo.

Travel throws a wrench in that food planning as well. We were thoughtful about finishing off most of our perishables at home before we left. 50 gold stars!

On the flip side, we grocery shopped a bit too much while we were away. We ended up eating as much as we could -- you know, right before hopping in a car for 4+ hours and then sitting on a train for 3+ hours, so smart! -- but then had to figure out how to pack the rest. 

Leftover lunch with Triscuits with avo, EVO and sea salt,
an avocado, pasta with vegan sausage,
+ the rest of a pint of Breyer's non-dairy Oreo ice cream

We managed to save most of our plastic recyclables and a jar to put our leftovers in so we only had to use one new Ziplock bag. (We had an obscene amount of pasta left.) It was a bit of musical chairs with packaging but we did it. We didn't need the cup for cut up fruit but we had it so we used it and it definitely helped us eat more fruit on the car ride. 

Tin: a large amount of salad & all leftover avocado & tomato
(snack mix that was in the tin was moved to the old Triscuit bag)
Hummus container: apple crumble
Jar: pickled cabbage
Bag: pasta with vegan sausage
Cup: cut up fruit for the car ride
Plastic bag that had potatoes: all the leftover fruit

Next time we'll try to grocery shop less and bring more tins with us. We will eat all of the food we brought back and all of the stuff that would have been recycled during our trip will be reused (the jar, the Ziplock) or recycled (the hummus container, the drink cup) at home. 


  1. That salad looks equal parts easy and delicious.

    1. Thanks! I mostly love that it's easy and tastes decent!


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