This past week: travel, block print and cats

This past week I had to travel to LA for work, which I know sounds fun. But two days were spent facilitating a 20 person meeting and after hours we...worked on a presentation that was due. Also I managed to get motion sickness yet again on the way to and from dinner at Doomie's and had to make my coworker pull over. There is nothing more profesh than running out of the car so you don't vom your vegan junk food in front of your colleagues, clutching your iphone, which is still navigating the ride home out loud. The third day I did get to see a lot of kittens so that was a nice finale. Delicious vegan food abounded the entire trip (and rebounded at times, I guess). And my colleagues are each a gem. They're like a precious gems show all together. For real. Much much love. But I am so glad to be home. So glad. 

What can I tell you about this week? I've gotten pretty good at packing. I over-packed just slightly.  My luggage was pretty light for one week. It was cooler than I thought so I skipped the dresses and stuck with jeans...and Tevas. I can't quit them, I swear. Toiletries were spot-on. I bring extra contact lenses just in case. The solid moisturizer bar is helpful since it eliminates yet another bottle in my liquids bag. Brought my spork wrapped in a cloth napkin, my travel mug, my wraps and a stainless steel leak-proof container. We don't have refrigerators in our rooms at this boutique hotel so I can't really save leftovers or buy a dish the night before for plane travel. That's the only bummer about that beautiful and friendly place. I did ask the airport food court restaurant to put my rice, beans and guac in my container but they wouldn't so I had to dump the food into my container and throw out the used plastic. My reaction was like every other Zero Waste meme out there. 

I finally got around to washing and wearing that block-printed Po-em dress. Here is a photo of me (and my Tevas) standing in Port Authority bus terminal on our way back from a day trip to New Jersey. Classy! The DIY turned out pretty decent though! I usually end up hating my DIYs (perfectionism is so fun!) but I actually like this one.

I am glad to be home because it means I'm not working 12 hour days over this weekend (just a few hours). And also because I get to see my own cats again! I got to see some cats while I was traveling, too, and even got to hug a gray long-hair old-lady rescue cat at a posh pet store but there is nothing like having your own cats so excited that you're home that they sleep on your face - literally. The amount of meows, drooling and lap time I've received make it clear that I'm supremely loved

And in my final paragraph I'm going to do something I don't usually do -- take pictures of someone's stuff and judge them but this one was just so over the top and atypical that I am doing it anyway. We were shopping at our local food co-op (where they voted in a charge for plastic bags to discourage folks from using them because they couldn't get an outright ban through) and we saw this cart where bars of chocolate were bagged up in brand new plastic produce bags! And everything else by the looks of it! And here I am, trying to reduce my bag usage bag-by-bag since each bag counts, trying not to be super neurotic but kind of being super neurotic. My eyes were probably like saucers when I saw this. The contrast of this person using plastic bags with abandon at one of the least plastic-bag friendly places I can think of...amazing! It just goes to show you how completely different everyone's perspectives are, even people within the same cooperative, which has a mission statement with values pertaining to the environment and countless meetings discussing a potential bag ban and so forth. Shockingly, my normal is not everyone else's normal! It was a good dose of culture shock, though of course I am bummed to see it.


  1. Oh, the last paragraph reminds me of the time I went to a supermarket in the US for the first time. Those plastic bags! In Finland I'd pack 10 kilos of food in one plastic bag and I'd be able to use and re-use the same plastic bag for what felt like forever... and then there I was, at Wegman's, I think, looking at our shopping cart, with ten or fifteen cheap plastic bags, each carrying one or two items. It just seemed so crazy and shocking to me. I had never seen anything like it.

    I very, very rarely buy plastic bags these days (they are not free at supermarkets) because I always carry a canvas bag, or an Envirosax or a Baggu... but when I do, I feel bad, despite the fact that the plastic bags here are very durable and can be used multiple times. But I don't think I'll ever forget that time at Wegman's. Trying not to forget that, anyways, although the memory makes my own attempts at cutting down plastics so ridiculously small and insignificant.

    1. I have definitely taken the smaller ones for bulk if I'm stuck without the smaller canvas drawstring bulk bags (I usually have larger shopping bags on me) but I try to avoid it if I can and will wait until the next trip to do a plastic-free bulk buy if I can. Our co-op doesn't even have the larger plastic bags that you'd carry your stuff in. They give away old boxes and they have bags for purchase that are either cloth or sturdy plastic (like those plaid ones). So this person must have to encounter *that* during her shopping. Also, the cashiers are *supposed to* charge per plastic produce bag used but I never see them do. The co-op cashiers are all people doing their work shift credit and not employees so they're often not great and I have never ever seen anyone remember to charge anyone for a plastic bag, unfortunately. It used to be on an honor system with a box set out for your quarter if you used a bag and when it was I literally saw people lecture the poor cashiers that they refused to put a quarter in the box ON PRINCIPLE and they felt they had to say something so everyone knows. Such drama.

      Thank you re the block print! And Tevas! haha

  2. Also meant to say that you look cute in your dress and you know, the Tevas aren't that bad either... :)


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