Good enough.

This is one of those weeks where I have ceased feeling like a functional adult. When I returned from vacation I remember thinking "Is this really what I do every day? Plugged in and on and making decisions and prioritizing a billion different things at work and then again at home?" It felt so nice to be on vacation and only have to plan one thing at a time. I still had to process the horrifying news that is the domestic US political situation but it was a light week when we were on vacation, so it felt less bad. (Now, however...)

Small victories feel like what I can muster this week. I am not on top of deadlines but 60% of stuff that needs to get done is getting done (we are understaffed). I had a good week with my new office foster cat. I renewed my library books. I made it to the chiropractor. I brought lunch to work most days. And I did find a suitable container for the solid personal care stuff I mentioned last post. Keeping with the theme of this week, it's not perfect but it's functional.

I was going through old, unused beauty products and I found this tin of balm. It wasn't vegan and I got stuck with it at a vegan gift swap (seriously) so it just sat there. I was just in the process of emptying the very old contents into the trash and putting the tin in recycling when the comments on the last post jogged my memory that this existed and might be an option. So, some Citrasolv, washi tape, goose-shaped post-it and clear tape later...a container for my Farmacy. 


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