Lipsticks: Love the One You're With

You know how I always complain about my lipstick problem? Lip balm and lipsticks are so easy to buy. New colors are like a face change! And finding the "just right" color for your coloring is a weird first world challenge I seem to have made my personal mission in life. (Besides my whole "the very best natural deodorant" quest.) I have amassed tons of product. So many little plastic tubes. Plastic Free July has reminded me of this excess yet again.

This past weekend I actually went through my stash and got rid of any older stuff and this is what was left:

I've now sorted my stuff into clear balms, tinted balms and actual lipstick and have committed to picking out a new one each day. My overall goal is to have just a few well-chosen things.

Lip Stuff Goals:
  • No more than 5 clear lip balms (preferred brand is Soothing Touch Vanilla Chai - thanks Jaunty Dame), 
  • One tinted balm with an SPF (probably this Pacifica peach one, SPF 30)
  • One or two proper lipsticks (one perfect red - probably 100% Pure Blood Orange, one obnoxious pink - I think I have an Emani candidate here - the Manic Panic I'm wearing below is no longer made vegan)
That will at least reduce the amount of waste and plastic I have! As I look for replacements I'm also going to look for ones that have metal or wood containers (100% Pure has metal lipsticks). Work in progress!

This is my first "I guess I'll wear this 'cause I have it" foray!


  1. So much lip stuff! Is buying lipstick a kind of bad-day-pick-me-up for you? That seems to be how I wind up with makeup. If yes, is there a different pick-me-up that might scratch the same itch?

    Here's my almost-minimalist system: I have two sticks of lip balm, one in my bedside drawer and one in my purse. I have three sticks of tinted lip balm (which I made by melting Soothing Touch with lip crayons): one pink at home, one pink in my purse, one reddish shade for days when I want a change. Unopened/unused backups wait in a drawer or in the fridge. Since I live a continent away from Soothing Touch, I have spares.

    In the spirit of DIY, could you melt your least favorite clear balms down and make... I don't know, a balm for your heels? My feet always get a bit roughed up in the summer.

    Glad the Soothing Touch balms worked out so well for you. They're still my all-time favorite, and I dread finding a zero-waste replacement.

    1. I was thinking the same thing! I stuck one in my manicure supplies box for cuticle stuff and unloaded about 5 or 6 tubes of mostly Crazy Rumors on my bf, who doesn't mind the stuff.

      I don't think it's a pick me up kind of buy - just a holy grail kind of thing. Like, nothing I have is perfect. Last night I was walking past a Target and was like, "Oh, I should see if they have that Pacifica SPF 30 lip balm because I need an SPF balm" and I had to convince myself that while it's a good idea, I really don't and I have to use what I have first.

      The Soothing Touch buys are because I forget where I have tubes all the time. I set up some trays on my dresser now, though, so that shouldn't happen any longer. I can probably get through those ST tubes this year. Also, I have so many tints that I probably won't try to make my own tints.

      Lipstick, however, is another beast. I've pared down a bunch and I'm definitely not buying lipstick again for quite a while.

      Let me know if you want me to send you any ST balms ever! They sell them at our food coop!

    2. Also, I know I'm missing at least one Aromi liquid matte and one Milani tube lipstick because they are in my makeup bag or at the bottom of a tote bag!

      Some of these were from beauty boxes as well - most of the tube pinkish lip glosses. I just got a PV beauty box subscription for a few months as a birthday gift (which was so nice of them!) and I got a new tube of clear balm that is kind of awesome. I was hoping I'd hate it! haha

  2. Oh man, the search for the Holy Grail. Makeup is especially frustrating because sometimes you only need to try it once to know "well, this is a flop. So long, cold hard cash!" When I lived in a smaller city, there were NEVER makeup testers in the drugstore, so any makeup purchase had an 80% chance of being a total failure. I've ever found the Red of My Dreams, and probably never will.

    Your offer to supply me with ST balms is so thoughtful, thank you! I'm set for now, but may take you up later.

    It's nice to see that there are so many vegan-friendly lip balms and lip colors now. They used to feel like unicorns, and now there's a wide variety out there.


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