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I have started doing random mirror selfies or iphone timer photos while I'm out so I have some outfit photos for when I discuss my wardrobe on this blog. It's the only way I'll ever have photos of what I'm wearing. (Which means also what I'm buying.) And I kind of like photos better when they're just an everyday snapshot of wherever I was, though I'll admit that I walked into Urban Outfitters with the intention of using their selfie mirror for that first picture because I hadn't worn that dress in a while and I wanted to mention that I've had it for years and it's still going strong -- a credit to Make It Good. But mostly I've just been sticking my iphone on some apartment stairs on the selfie setting, setting a timer and stepping back 10 feet. 

While trying to reset my budget, I've been reading a lot of personal finance and lifestyle blogs. It is mostly all the same concepts over and over and over again. But I am just one of those people who needs to hear the same thing reiterated 100x in various formats if it's a habit I'm not naturally inclined to practice. That's just how I am. I don't fight it. Frugalwoods is one of the blogs I've been reading (they are pretty hardcore) and I tagged this quote:

Nothing is more fulfilling than relishing what you already have and reveling in gratitude for what we've been given. I'm never happier than when I do this. And I have to remind myself to feel this way - it's a conscious decision I make to step back and express thanks for everything I have in life.  But when I do, I'm overcome with serenity. And all I did was recognize what I already have! The mind is a powerful partner in our financial and life journeys - if we allow it to guide us towards insight and reflection, it's incredible how much gratification we can generate on our own. {from this post}

It applies to everything but as it relates to this blog, it covers clothing and makeup and housewares too. Before I only used to post stuff when I'd just purchased it but nowadays I just want to post a snapshot of what I do actually wear -- regardless of when I purchased it. That helps me remember I have stuff I like. And I appreciate it.

Make It Good dress from a few years ago
slip on thin-style Vans
tote bag screenprinted by local artist whose name I can't recall
and a mason jar of coffee with a Cuppow lid + faux bois jar cozy

Simka Sol cactus t-shirt dress
sweatshop sandals from last year
same tote bag
Klean Kanteen insulated water bottle with cafe cap

Make It Good dress from this year
same tote bag
Insecta cut out oxfords from last year or the year before
same mason jar + Cuppow + cozy

Po-em day dress
Clyde's Rebirth necklace
Insecta cut out oxfords, same as above
same tote 

Everlane linen blend shirt
Everlane black short chinos
Insecta cut out oxfords, same as above

These Everlane pants are not at all "flattering" but I love that. I hope they look intentionally ridiculous and not just extra disheveled and ill-fitting -- it's a fine line. But I'll be wearing them until I tire of them in one way or another even if part of that is being beet-red-faced embarrassed that I walked around like this, I'm sure.

I'm trying to grow in my angled bob to a longer bob. Mostly for less haircut maintenance which means less money spent and less time spent getting haircuts. I am only going as far as a long bob. I can't handle longer hair. It is clear that I live and die by minimal hair-washing and dry shampoo and this has just been reinforced by dealing with bleached and tinted hair since bleached hair is drier (so wash it less) and tinted hair fades quickly (so wash it less). My strategy for growing in hair used to be just bobby pinning everything up in the awkward phase buuuut this round I have a 70% undercut right now so that's not possible. So I'm just trying to center part (aka "nerd part") my hair and tuck it behind my ears. If it gets tragic, I'll get the curling iron or rag curlers out but let's not be hasty.

So get ready for some nerd parts.


  1. "It is mostly all the same concepts over and over and over again. But I am just one of those people who needs to hear the same thing reiterated 100x in various formats if it's a habit I'm not naturally inclined to practice. That's just how I am."

    Same. It takes time to internalize some things, even if they're really great ideas.

    That Frugalwoods post on "making luxuries rare" is right up my alley. I was writing a post about it, but theirs is way more thorough.

    Somewhere in the vast archives of Already Pretty, Sal wrote that wearing the same things repeatedly is a sign that you chose wisely and spent your money well, and that's helped me tame the gimme-gimmes.

    I love seeing people wear the same things repeatedly, even bloggers.

    Looks like you're doing a great job with reusable cups!

    How does it look when you part your hair on wrong side? Is there more hair on that side, or does the undercut go all the way around?

    I'm with you on Team Can't Handle Long Hair, which explains my history of buzz cuts. Hair can be SO MUCH WORK. Luckily, bobs really suit you.

    1. I am not sure I ever internalize them. I feel like I've been reading the same personal finance stuff forever and I just am and will always be an impulse spender at heart. I can correct it if I try but I do have to be trying.

      Yes, I am thrilled to be wearing the same stuff and have it on autopilot. Re blogging and social media though I think folks don't mention that much because they don't think it's "interesting" - but I do!

      Re parting on the wrong side - it might give me a little volume but it's basically the same cut. It's fine - I have just been letting it fall where it may and not worrying about it all that much. I think I can get away with that with pink/blonde/gray vs brown for some reason. YES. I hate long hair at this point. I just am so so so lazy about washing and conditioning my hair these days.

    2. You say "lazy," I say "efficient".

  2. I'm envious of that cactus dress, though I suppose having actual cacti on my porch makes up for not having that dress. I really like that passage on gratitude for what is already in our lives. I've been trying to resist the urge to go to Goodwill & instead dip into my "needs mending" bin for fresh wardrobe additions. Of course I just end up wearing the same ten outfits anyway, so really why bother? The co-op here has cuppow lids & I'm tempted but they're like $10 just for the lid which feels so excessive.

    1. I know, I generally just wear the same things over and over. I brought like 7 dresses, and 2 t-shirts (3 including what I was wearing on the plane) with me and so far I've worn 1 dress and the same shorts and t-shirts for 3 days.


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