=^._.^= roomy dress + sensible oxfords + obnoxious necklace =^._.^=

We've finally started watching the dystopian Handmaid's Tale and, as folks have mentioned in their reviews, it's eerily current, especially as we get the flashbacks detailing how Offred's life went from exactly like ours to being a captive fertile vessel. We also watched Prohibition via Netflix (it's on PBS too) and the immigration issues, nationalist angle and situational political party stuff including using the courts to right power was also oddly current. (I didn't finish because I kept falling asleep but that's more a reflection on my life than how interesting Prohibition is.) And I've finally started Note to Self's Privacy Paradox, a 5 day podcast and email chain that focuses on online security and feels significantly related. If you've done it, let me know as I'm curious to hear what people got out of it. I enlisted a few friends to do it along with me so we have each other to turn to as we learn exactly how we've sold our soul to Dots and Meitu.

In addition to watching television, I've also been working. I know, this is getting exciting! I promise I won't detail my sleep as well. I was at a conference last week and had decent selfie-lighting near my full-length mirror at the hotel and therefore:

I definitely have a uniform: roomy dress + sensible oxfords + obnoxious necklace

I wouldn't have it any other way. (On the left is a Po-em day dress, Tatty Devine necklace and Insecta shoes and on the right is a Make It Good dress, Maggie's Organics leggings, Buried Diamond necklace & the very same shoes.)

I also attempted yet again to reduce my plastic footprint while traveling but I did not do a phenomenal job. Or even a good job! Brought my snacks for the plane so I didn't have to get food at the airport on the way in. I did use my spork...but only at the airport on the way back home. (I managed to forget it for all of the conference-catered meals that were served with plastic utensils.) I did manage to drag my travel mug with me almost everywhere so that saved some plastic. And, of course, the Fig Bars I brought came in wrappers (though so did the Earth Balance cheddar squares I packed though a full box is less plastic I guess). And I forgot to ask for my drinks without a goddamn turtle-killing straw every single time. Thrice I got the straw full wrapped so I was able to give it back. It was a good lesson in humility if nothing else. Also why do I love those Fig Bars so much? It's inexplicable and I keep hearing the same thing from other people. Are they doped up?

In better news: hey, this is happening outdoors in some places. That's a thing.

I'm in the process of deciding if I want to end every future post on this mostly dead hobby blog with a cat emoji, like so:

=^._.^= ∫


  1. It's always fun to read about your life.

    Having an outfit template is glorious. Mine's similar to yours: dress, tights, flat shoes. Hoping tights-wearing season is drawing to an end... I haven't bought pants in ages; why pay for clothes that fight my body and are so, so easy to outgrow?

    1. That's funny because when I started writing this I was like what have I done lately? Have I done nothing? So it doesn't feel interesting so thank you! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    2. It's super interesting! :D

  2. You accidentally typed obnoxious when you meant to type incredible! Insecta has new mushroom and artichoke shoes that I must have...

    1. I feel like I consider them obnoxiously awesome but for a work event they're more like, kind of ridic. Thankfully animal welfare doesn't care.

      I would like to see those shoes! I'm still thinking about the sandals with the plant pattern...


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