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Still feeling a little rough around the edges, I was weirdly comforted by seeing that the #Trump10** is a documented trend. Not only have I been eating as a "feel better" measure but also buying stuff and watching a lot of tv. It takes a lot of somethings to take the edge off of reading WTF Happened Today, trying to stay on top of a few longer form news pieces a day and trying to get my ass to organizing/support/training events. 

First, what have I been doing?

While I still believe in peaceful protest (and I believe in keeping our right to peaceful protest ABSOLUTE-freaking-LUTELY), I have been trying to focus on getting myself to organizing meetings. In north Brooklyn, there is a large organizing group I am trying to plug into. This past week I went to one of their training meetings on what citizens can do when ICE is in areas where people are at risk of deportation. And I have been keeping in touch with a small group of friends who are trying to support each other in showing up to events and trainings. 

I ran into these cans on a shelf at Brooklyn Superhero Supply Co. and thought they were the perfect combination of what I need for now (and for the next 4 years) though I didn't buy them. Alternate symbols for what we need to summon: the praying hands and the fist. It's here. We're at Balrog time -- and we better be coming back as Gandalf the Better. 

I have also been zoning out. 

We are on season 2 of Fargo and I listened to all of S-Town in about 2 days' worth of subway rides. (S-Town is problematic for all the reasons they go into here which I didn't see until after I'd finished the podcast. While listening, I wasn't sure how if-y I thought it was until the very last two episodes. The wrap-up felt rushed, unfinished and irresponsible. And I felt both sad and heartbroken for the person we'd met through the podcast but also like a giant creep who heard a lot of stuff she shouldn't have. Thanks for that, Brian Reed.)

I have also been watching The Great British Bake Off, which is strangely relaxing and so freaking pleasant. I have learned almost nothing but I still enjoy it. 

And I have been buying things. 

New glasses! And an as-always expensive visit to Bhoomki - 2 shirts and hundreds of dollars later. 

new glasses, vintage shirt, Buried Diamond necklace, 
sweatshop plastic jacket - sorry, world (esp. oceans)

And I have been really focused on food.

I've been roasting vegetables with garlic, making batches of rice and beans in my beloved Instant Pot, finding a local store that sells an amazing vegan tres leches cake. (After attempting one of these for a vegan potluck, I have a new appreciation for the complexity of tres leches cakes.) I've made carrot raisin muffins from Vegan with a Vengeance and banana berry scones from Isa Does It. And I even made homemade veggie burgers out of necessity. (A batch of beans we bought were lackluster on their own but fine pureed into bean burgers. The recipe was from Veganomicon. I am chuffed that I didn't waste food and I managed to make it better than it was. 50 gold stars, Jesse.) Also, I've been eating every version of Sjaak's Organic Chocolates Easter candy available like it's my job. (They are on Food Empowerment Project's okay chocolate listThis link explains their criteria for inclusion.)

We also tried to make our own kombucha from an older starter kit but I think that failed. *womp womp* But making my own fire cider worked out pretty well so I am proud of that. Now I have way too much fire cider -- but better too much than not enough.

** Re the Trump10 -- gaining weight, being any weight at all and eating should not be a loaded topic. I just know I have been stress eating as a behavior and I feel less alone to see others doing the same stress-induced habit for the very same reason. For me, stress eating is probably one of the better stress-related habits to pick up and I don't actually care about some extra weight.


  1. "Alternate symbols for what we need to summon: the praying hands and the fist. It's here. We're at Balrog time -- and we better be coming back as Gandalf the Better."

    Well said!

  2. Hi Jessie,

    I'm a long time reader and subscriber (since 2015!) of your blog and also the programs and development manager over at Food Empowerment Project.

    Opened up your blog post today and saw that you mentioned our chocolate list on today's blog post. I was so excited to see this that I had to shared it with the office and we were all over the moon! It is so great to see actual users of our list (and app) share it with their circle.

    I was hoping that we could promote this blog post on our Twitter account. Please let me know if we can.



    1. Hi Brooke! Of course - I love FEP and the chocolate list especially! It's such a great resource. Thank you so much for everything you do!


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