Drowning in chia seeds? Fruit chia seed pudding!

I don't usually do food posts because ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ but recently I decided I wanted to get really into making chia seed pudding to wean myself off the expensive (and plastic-encapsulated) Fresh & Co versions I had become accustomed to buying as part of my lunch in midtown Manhattan. Turns out, I hated all the versions I tried to make and was left with a giant jar of chia seeds. Thumbs down, man. 

Not wanting them to go to waste, I crowd-sourced some ideas on Instagram but before I got a chance to try any of those, I came across this recipe in a VegNews email newsletter - Raspberry Vanilla Chia Jam. A misnomer - it's really just a fruit chia seed pudding. This is not like jam you'd use on bread. But it's pretty decent and so simple to make. So simple even I am willing to make it, which is really saying something because I lack the inspiration to boil water most days. (Instantpot for life!)

I've made it using frozen mixed berries, frozen mango and frozen strawberries already and all are decent options. Here is the mango chia seed pudding with some fruit and sliced almonds (and I think there's some homemade soy yogurt under there, hiding).

Fruit! Pretty cool, huh? But don't take my word for it - ask Dr. Steve Brule, your green grocer. (For your health!)