Where to buy leggings now that American Apparel is sunk

I know American Apparel had a lot of issues but I did still use them for some basics (explained here back in 2011).  It took them 6 years to officially sink. And now I find myself down to just one option for leggings (and bike shorts, to wear to my acupuncture and chiro appointments) so I'm sharing it with you guys since a lot of us are probably in the same boat, though you guys probably wear bike shorts for less geriatric reasons. 

I don't need to replace bike shorts or leggings that often, but when I do, I use Maggie's Organics. I find most of their apparel not something I'd wear. Too many ruched things and skirted leggings for me. But! Their basic ankle-length leggings and bike shorts are good. (You guys are on your own with the printed leggings and calf-length leggings, though.) Also their cotton socks are great. 

I have all the reasons I'm happy to shop at Maggie's Organics on my "Where I Buy" page here.

If you shopped at American Apparel for your basics (or non-basics), what did you guys buy there and where are you planning on getting those things instead?


  1. Those "French Roast" leggings might work for me. How opaque are Maggie's leggings?

    I've also been looking at these 70% cotton footless tights on Sock Dreams:


    They're probably not suited to your purposes, but might help a few dresses transition from winter to spring...

    1. They are pretty opaque. Not as thick as the American Apparel ones and they have a higher waistband, but a good opaque option if that's what you're looking for.

      I haven't seen those at Sock Dreams - I tend to go for more opaque but those would be cute under dresses where a heathered fabric would work. I'm not sure how much of that I currently have but it is good to know they're an option so thank you for linking to them.


    Those footless tights from Sock Dreams are gloriously comfortable BUT they get fuzzy/shabby-looking almost immediately. I started wearing mine inside out, since the inside is wearing out more gracefully, but the elastic around the ankles doesn't look quite right inside out.

    1. Oh that's a bummer! I enjoy many-months-later reviews! I feel like knowing what the test of time yields is important!

  3. This is good news! I wanted to buy pattern leggings for a very long time, because I had heard that wearing these to the gym or for working out helps in hiding the garment line underneath. These leggings are also looking nice, will buy these as well.


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