Nowadays: Matt & Nat, Petit Vour lipstick samples, '90s music

For some reason (definitely wanting to crawl back in time), I've been into listening to a lot of 1991-1997 music. The same music I listened to between the very first Lollapalooza and 5 years after that. Recently I've had Longtime by EMF stuck in my head. It starts with a sample of a guy talking who says, "This is the way the world ends. This is the way the world ends. Not with a band." Apropos. Now, excuse me while I regress a few decades. 

It's still winter here (obviously) and I'm trying to make sure I wear some of the stuff I normally pass over in my closet. This past week it was these Matt & Nat shoes that slip off my heel and make me feel like I'm wearing slides. They're real shoes - they just don't fit like real shoes so I had to put those little heel bumpers in. It's fine but I get a little dramatic about having to purchase shoe aides from the drugstore. There's something really...human about it? 

Last week I was back to wearing my Vaute Couture Emily coat and my daily Matt & Nat cross-body bag. Adding the Matt & Nat shoes in made it a little matchy-matchy, brand-wise. And thankfully my shoulder is still messed up so I could selfie in my chiropractor's full length bathroom mirror. *insert praying hands emoji* also #oldpeople.

The bag is my go-to and I use it daily but it is PVC (albeit with a recycled plastic bottle liner). M&N's site says they use both PVC and PU but that PU is "definitely preferred" but then they don't label which bags are PVC. They only seems to label the bags that are PU. (Or they don't label either at all. I can't tell.) As you might imagine this grinds my gears and led to a purchase I probably would have skipped. But I bought it, it's here and I'll use it. 

I'll try to wear these suckers more often and if I can't, it probably means they don't belong with me. Unfortunately Oona got her claws on them, literally so I'm sure anyone else who might want them would consider this a significant deterrent if I need to rehome them. 

I mean, this is how much she loves shoes so I can't be all angry at her:

In other news, did you guys know you can order lipstick samples from Petit Vour? It's a little extra plastic but I find it helpful in knowing what colors I might actually use. And less packaging than if I'd purchased a whole tube I won't use. I struck out on both the reds here, but I don't mind the purple layered over a base pink. (I tend to layer Lush's Santa Baby under everything because it's got sick staying power, though it's too bright and pink for me on it's own. You're welcome for knowing that level of detail about my lipstick regimen.) Yeah, I know I swore off buying new lip stuff until I used what I had but...there we are.


  1. Those little clamshell containers are great for travel; you can carry a little solid deodorant, a few pills, small earrings or body jewelry...

    1. I was thinking that - at least for having a bit of lip stuff or moisturizer on you when you don't have a lot of room to carry stuff. They're a little slim for pills but they could definitely do balms or the like.

    2. I have tiny pills. =)

      Lots of people recommend using contact lens cases for traveling with creams or balms, but I don't like repurposing that LOOKS like repurposing. It kills all my illusions of being a fancypants jet-setter.

    3. I am the same (but my pills seem to be much larger than yours)!


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