Keeping Warm - Vegan Winter Wear

I'm back. Yes, the world of American political governance is a nightmare and I think I've called my House representatives more times recently than I had collectively in my whole life prior to this election year, yet, here we still are. For now, anyway. The pit of fire in my stomach that was stoked by what felt like my family's betrayal in the form of their presidential vote has calmed some -- but it's still rough. I didn't flounce (mostly I didn't) but I didn't spend time with overtly That Guy-supporting family members either. I also still believe that people are good for the most part. When I try not to think about it too much. ANYWAY, IT SNOWED.

I recently impulse-purchased a $400+ Hemp Hoodlamb coat because, you know. Why not? Historically, the more pissed off and resentful I am, the bigger the impulse purchase. (Self-punitive control issues, I guess.) I'd had a Hemp Hoodlamb years ago that eventually wore out and I remembered it being super warm. Did I need a new coat? Yes and no. I wear my Vaute Couture Emily coat all the time but it's cinched at the waist so I can't layer giant sweaters under it as much as I wish I could -- and I happened to be in Mooshoes NYC one cold and under-dressed day and saw the Hemp Hoodlamb Nordic Parka and wore it out of the store. (That's the very best spiteful way to impulse shop because then you know you're really really committing to the purchase because you can't return it! See also: ripping off all the tags as soon as you get your bags home.) [Hemp Hoodlamb's labor standard information is here.] It all worked out though. I'm happy to have a super heavy coat to put in rotation alongside my Vaute Couture Emily coat. [Vaute Couture's labor standard info is here.]

Here I am during our first major snow! We went to the greenmarket that day to drop off my textile recycling and our compost and to buy some bread and vegetables. (Yes GrowNYC is that hardcore.) Unfortunately due to getting an urgent call mid-shopping, I accidentally walked away with a bunch of collards I didn't pay for. Yes, I stole from the farmers who came out in the goddamn snow to sell their hard-won produce. (I will be paying them back this Saturday.)

this hood has a removable faux fur trim
I removed it because I think it's grosssssssss-looking

Last year I realized my rubber ankle boots weren't going to cut it for cold winter wear, no matter how many pairs of animal-free REI socks I put on so this year I got some Sorels. [Sorel's labor standards are here. Many of their options are not vegan, but these dudes are.] They are lightweight and comfortable, a combination of a boot and sneaker sole and footbed (I'm old!) and while they're not super high, they're high enough to deal with a good whallop of snow. 

A peek at what the greenmarket looked like. 
If you're my IG pal, you probably saw this already. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


  1. Wait, do you all stand about shaking off the snow to get your blood flowing, or do you pay $7/lb for the snow too? Glad you're keeping warm, with you on the state of the world. You look great in the bright blue glasses. Happy 2017.

  2. Welcome back, starshine!

    Your self-punitive control issues fascinate me. I'm self-loathing and self-destructive, but not with shopping. I rarely take the tags off things immediately, even if I have zero intention of returning them; having grown up poor, I guess having something with tags feels "fancy" to me. Ha. We're just wired differently, and I'd like to know more.

    That said, I've splurged on two impractical overpriced things in the last few months, and I'm genuinely bewildered as to why. I COULD have gotten things I wanted more/have wanted for longer with that money. We're all insane.

    GrowNYC sounds fabulous.

    Oh, how I envy you Vaute Couture and MooShoes! I can order vegan/ethically made things online, but there's nowhere I can see them in person or try them on first. MooShoes had a pair of shoes I REALLY liked, but I can't pay $40 to ship shoes that might not fit At All.

  3. We're going to need an update about the paying back scenario because that will be hilarious!


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