Too Much Lipstick

While my apparel purchases have remained somewhat in check, I noticed I thought nothing of picking up a new lip balm or lipstick pretty much constantly. I wear some form of lip stuff every day and so it felt justified. But now I have a bunch to get through before it's too old so I'm hereby calling myself out on this BS and making a commitment to using it up. 

It's not just the actual lip stuff I have green-guilt about, but they all have packaging - usually plastic packaging - that just gets tossed in recycling (whether it can actually be recycled, I have no idea). 

In semi-related news, someone posted this photo on Instagram (was it you?) and I originally thought it was eye makeup in Aquafresh toothpaste colors. Turns out it's the I-talian flag (represent!) but now I'm really obsessed about someone doing their makeup Aquafresh colors. That would be pretty much the best! 


  1. Be the change you want to see in the world, lady: start an Aquafresh makeup trend. Don't forget to post pictures.

    Is there a number limit/spending freeze on your future lipstick purchases, or is publicly announcing your intentions enough to raise your awareness?

    I'm trying not to buy any makeup at all until I use up most of my current stash. I'm getting much, much better at staying out of drugstores, which is 80% of the battle for me. Maybe 90%.

    Reading about Zero Waste has helped me shop far less! It'll take me months to use up our supply of some things. Definitely interested in hearing more about your ZW efforts and experiments.

    1. Here's the thing - I don't really want to wear that trend but I want someone else to wear it so I can look at it. I often have an affinity for stuff that's not my style ("juvenile" print shift dresses) that I would not actually be into wearing. Go figure!

      No, there are no parameters to my lipstick stuff - just a public outing and reminder that hey, this stuff isn't impact-free and in fact, it takes a lot to make and package these and I should treat them accordingly.


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