Make It Good's fall/winter season and how I wiped out my budget

You know how in grade school you end up rotating through a number of best friends in succession? Things change, you outgrow each other or maybe you're just not as tight and you start hanging out with someone else because they just fit you better? I feel like I do that with brands. My new best friend has been Make It Good (previously it was Mary Meyer - I liked the bathing suit patterns this year but I just don't need butt cheek hanging out of the bathing suit bottoms). Make It Good has pulled out a few seasons where one or two pieces are just a really good (style) fit for me. 

This fall/winter, I got these two pieces. I believe this nubby ("pebble knit") sweater dress was in their last fall/winter season (as were the nubby cardigan and maybe the crew neck sweater too) but I couldn't pull the trigger and they sold out. Not this year! This dress on the left is exactly like the one I already have in gray from this year's spring/summer season but in a pattern. (They're still on their way so I don't have them quite yet.)

Since these are US-made and Make It Good tries to carefully source their textiles, they've got a solid price tag on them. It's all relative - people spend the same (and more) on brands that have no labor claims all the time, I guess. But yes, they're not cheap or very accessible. (Again, all relative, I guess.) I ended up wiping out my clothing allowance until around November by buying these. This budget glitch should be okay -- the only things I foresee needing are a better pair of wet and cold weather boots (walkable) and some more vegan and winter-appropriate socks. And frankly I can probably ask for socks for Xmas. (Yes, we're that kind of family. Xmas by request.)

Things I probably have enough of for this coming fall/winter:
- coats
- shirts, sweaters
- cardigans
- jeans/pants
- non-weather specific shoes
- scarves, hats, gloves

Not that you need to read this boring list -- but I need to post it to remind myself. Seriously, you have enough. Maybe do some laundry regularly and then you won't feel like you have no clothes, Myself.


  1. I need to look into their stuff.

    This week, I discovered the joys of indigo and realized that I didn't actually need new jeans (which were previously on my list), I just needed to re-dye them their old dark blue. For better or for worse, I decided to stock up on everything for fall like 2 months ago, which kind of takes the fun out of fall shopping, but it is what it is.

    1. I also need to do another dye batch at some point. I saw on your blog that you were doing some natural dying (which I've only had minimal luck with) - I'll poke around to find your experiences with indigo dying. I've been using iDye in the meantime but would rather find something a little better.

  2. I am so impressed at the way you've aligned your wardrobe with your values! I'm still flailing a bit, but getting better.

    (I initially typed "but getting bitter," which was not all wrong.)

  3. Both pieces are very you!

    I have to remind myself all the time that I have enough of pretty much everything... except that I actually need a pair of dark jeans. I just can't seem to find a nice pair used - or new, for that matter. It turns out that what is sold as jeans today contains so much elastane that a pair can't possibly last for longer than a year or two. Not that I need selvedge or anything, but even less than 5 percent elastane is hard to come by.

    1. I am always torn on this issue - I feel like my non-stretch jeans bag out in weird ways and don't fit for as long, but the elastic is no great environmental feature. There has to be some middle ground.


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