Vegan Food in London

As promised a century ago, I'm writing about vegan food abroad! This first installment is what I ate in London. Talk about fond memories. We were in Paris, Amsterdam and London for about 2-3 days each.

Yorica! - I saw someone on Instagram post their Yorica delight and immediately put it on my list. Everything is vegan. I'm both sad and grateful that we don't have a Yorica! in the US since I don't need to eat soft serve daily and I probably would. Delicious flavors, delicious toppings, nice peeps. The ominvore we were with seemed to like it as well. Yorica! *fist pump*

Mildred's - This place has three locations. Apparently the Soho one has a constant crowd and we foolishly thought we'd get a table for 4 on a weekend night. (We went elsewhere.) But we did manage to eat some decent salads at the Mildred's in Kings Cross to help "detox" from the amount of sugar we consumed at Cookies and Scream (on an empty stomach, no less). Not everything here is vegan but it is vegetarian. 

Cookies and Scream - This is a stall in Camden Lock and when I realized it was just a little counter I was kind of bummed that we went out of our way for it. Boy howdy, was I wrong. Below you see an ice cream cookie sandwich (in the process of melting) and a "zombie" - a delicious brownie with a marshmallow baked inside, all warm and toasty. Their latte was fine but wasn't my thing, coffee-wise. I wanted to make sure I had enough room for sweets-for-breakfast and while not the most adult plan, I am glad I had the room for splitting all this. A+!

Cook Daily @ Box Park - I was actually full when we ended up in Shoreditch near Box Park so this wasn't even my meal, but my boyfriend's. That did not stop me from trying some, though. The tofu was delicious (this is the Coco Bowl).

VX aka Vegan Cross - I had no idea this place existed and thankfully someone Facebook mentioned VX and I eventually figured out that meant "Vegan Cross" thanks to Google. A quick peek at their Instagram showed delicious-looking pastries and from that alone, it was on my list. We got this delicious berry tart (below) and the vegan cheese toastie (on a bun). They did not have the Francine in stock that day or I would have been all over that. I also stocked up on Veggo bars, some random chocolate and a package of shelf-stable individual soy creamers so I could make it through my 8 hour flight back to NYC via Paris caffeinated-enough.

Norman's Coach & Horses - We made sure we got to a (vegetarian) pub to eat pub food. Is that silly? We did it anyway. I wasn't feeling well that day so I really had to rally to get there and eat some of this but I did it because it was important to me to eat vegan pub food in London. I believe this was the Shepherd's Pie and Fish & Chips with peas?  I don't remember. It was decent and I was happy to have eaten it, even if my cramps were trying to squash all of the joy in my life that day.


  1. This makes London look way more feasible than I'd imagined! Looks great.

    1. There was a bunch we didn't get to or discovered along the way (when we'd already eaten) so it is totally do-able!


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