Vegan Food in Amsterdam + VEGA-LIFE store

We managed to eat out less in Amsterdam than London and Paris, partly because my boyfriend was sick for a full day and I made us soup at the apartment and partly because Meatless District (which is the name of a restaurant), was only open for drinks and not dinner in the later evening when we showed up.

Vegabond - Vegabond is a small store with vegan food staples (a lot of shelf-stable stuff but also frozen items, including ice cream). They have a food counter as well, serving sandwiches, baked good and coffee. We got two sandwiches to go, both of which were pretty decent. They served them open-faced and layered with waxed paper in the little boxes below. The soy latte I got from there was dee-licious. I kind of wish we had gone back there, actually. It was super hot the day we visited and the place was roasting (no air conditioning) -- and we couldn't stay anyway as my Anne Frank House timed tickets were timed for right after we got our takeout from Vegabond.

The online store hours for Vegabond listed limited days but thankfully when we were in VEGA-LIFE and asking for food recommendations nearby, they let us know Vegabond was now open 7 days per week.

Golden Temple Vegetarian - We met up with my boyfriend's friend one night and they suggested this place. There were a bunch of vegan options and the menu was very...varied. I think it had pizza, Mexican, Indian, etc. There is a table on a platform in the window and there were two small dogs who kept hanging out on that platform with whoever was up there, which was pretty cute. The food was decent and they knew what "vegan" was, so that was helpfu. Also, look how cute they made the sorbet with those berries!

Latei - Upon arrival in Amsterdam we met up with one of my friends - a person I've known for years thanks to an old punk rock message board that's probably been gone for 15 years now. She had visited NYC throughout the years so we'd met in person previously but I hadn't seen her in a while. Sometimes the internet is pretty cool. Anyway, she recommended this coffee shop (a real coffee shop, not the "coffee shops" that are really hash places) right near our Airbnb in the Red Light District. It is terribly cute but I don't have any photos so you can visit this random blog I found for photos of Latei. When we first visited, I sat down at a table only to find a snoozing black cat on the chair next to me. I could not have planned the more perfect welcome to Amsterdam. They have soy milk and I think there were some vegan options for food. I got a few soy lattes during my stay there and I was never disappointed. 

Groceries! - Not only did we buy groceries so we'd have breakfast food in the apartment but I also had to go find soup ingredients the one night my boyfriend was sick because I couldn't find vegan soup for takeout in the area. We had been introduced to the Alpro brand of soy yogurts in Paris and were happy to find them in Amsterdam, too. (The "Nature" ones are plain soy yogurt and not nearly as sweet as all of the US brands. Get it together, USA.)


I had no idea how challenging it would be to read a lot of tiny ingredient labels in Dutch though - especially since I accidentally ended up at the Albert Heijn right before it was closing. I managed to find the word "vegan" on some cubed bouillon and a packet of mock meat (schnitzel!) as well as some very obviously vegan vegetables. 

We got a chance to visit VEGA-LIFE, the vegan store in Amsterdam. Not to be a jaded New Yorker, but there were only a few things that V-L had that I couldn't get in-person in NYC. (Mooshoes NYC has spoiled me properly!) They had a more robust Macbeth selection and way more Veg Shoe UK stock (for obvious reasons). Also available: cute satchels from a company I've now forgotten (not available in NYC), hand-painted tote bags (below) and a small section of personal care and pet products. They also had a bunch of brands that we have in NYC like Novacas, among others. So, I only had partial FOMO leaving there. I did get a Vego bar and a BWC "waterproof" mascara here. Man, that mascara has nothing on Lily Lolo mascara. 

I would definitely recommend stopping in here to see what they have -- the folks working there were super nice. For sure stock up on Vego bars, because they are god's gift to vegans (and supposedly fair trade!) and if you try to order them via Amazon state-side they're like $14 each. 


  1. Great post, Jesse! I see the puppies you were talking about now. ;) I wish I went to Vega-Life! It looks cool.

    - Christina

  2. The sorbets look amazing! How was the schnitzel? We found that in the Albert Heijn too but didn't have an oven to try it!

    1. It was meh to be honest! You didn't miss much!


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