Simka Sol cactus t-shirt dress

You can thank Melanie from Streets I Know for this one. As some of you may know, I've followed Streets I Know since inception (I think) and from that point on have basically used Melanie as my personal shopper. She knows. 

This Simka Sol dress (which is billed as a big tee/tunic/dress) was on my "things I want" list for a while but the purchase just never happened. Then, Melanie posted her dress to her Instagram account it looked roomy and comfortable so I finally got it. Also, it just helps to see someone who is not associating with the brand model the dress. (But it does really look just like the product pictures, so I'm giving full credit to Simka Sol on that one!)

Wills "footbed" sandals (for reals that's what they're called)

It's super comfy and I like the Simka Sol brand and their practices - I'm happy to have this as a summer and fall option. I'll probably layer it in winter, too, honestly. Black is for all seasons. 

I'm continuing to wear the same Po-em and Make it Good dresses all summer, mostly. When I'm not wearing cut-off denim shorts (like knee-length '90s style). It's at the point where I think I have to re-home all of my waisted dresses - I just can't deal with an hourglass type of deal any longer. Paper bag shape for me forever, thanks! 


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