Paris, Amsterdam, London, Paris (too much Paris, seriously)

I just got back from vacation (almost 2 weeks across Paris > Amsterdam > London) and I walked a lot, saw a lot, ate a lot of vegan food and partook of Paris's free public natural sparkling water. This almost makes up for what a complete nightmare their Charles de Gaulle Airport is...but not quite. The entire airport is like every single circle of Hell combined and it trapped me in Paris for an extra day under undesirable circumstances. 

I packed pretty light since we'd have access to a washing machine mid-trip:
- 4 dresses -- 1 and 2, 3 and 4 (below, sweatshop)
- 2 babydoll tops -- gray jersey, black synthetic, both American Apparel
- 2 pair of black leggings -- one Maggie's Organics, 1 American Apparel
- 4 pair of shoes (we'd be walking a lot & had various weather) - 2 sandals, 1 sneaker, 1 oxford
- 2 necklaces - one DIY clay, the other wood/plastic indie designer (these are durable and travel well)
- 2 jackets - one pleather biker jacket; 1 cotton asymmetrical "blazer" of sweatshirt material


This is my standard travel outfit - with a sports bra in case I need to sleep on the plane. If I'm wearing slip-on shoes or sandals, I bring socks for the plane. And a black scarf, always a black scarf. (And headphones.)


I wore and re-wore most of the dresses across Paris, Amsterdam and London. They're all pretty casual and comfortable but look decent enough to pass as put together with a swipe of some red lipstick. And most importantly, I can eat a lot in them. 

This is the sweatshop dress with a built in slip, with the Insecta oxfords. 

And this is the least flattering camera-angle but I'm in front of the CAT BOAT in Amsterdam!  Also called Poezenboot, it's a cat sanctuary and adoption center on a barge on one of the canals. We played with some cute cats, gave them a donation and bought some logo gear and postcards to help support them. (This is the Make It Good dress.)

And here is me in a Po-em dress and Tevas in London after I said I'd stop wearing Tevas, but totally didn't! I accidentally wandered by Tatty Divine and tried on this whopper of a tiger necklace I've been admiring online for years and is one of the only items of theirs I really like. The necklace had a decent weight and placement and I didn't feel like it was wearing after all this time I finally got it. I refuse to call it an "investment piece" -- it was just expensive but I love it, so there. (I made my boyfriend take this photo of me because I was too short for all the mirrors in the Tatty Divine store and couldn't tell what the necklace looked like on me.)

This Po-em dress is the only dress I got a bunch of pictures in I guess? Again, with Sauconys, the wooden necklace & a Baggu bag. This was in Paris. I made my boyfriend take my photo in front of not one but two pieces of cat street art. I felt like this was my cat lady civic duty.

And here are some trip photos - Paris!



I'll do a separate entry about the food - I know it's helpful to me when vegans write about what they could eat while traveling and what's worth the effort so I'll try to do the same!


  1. C de G Air P is a horror! Or, at least it was in 2004, which was the last time I was there. It was right after their big parking garage collapse. We had to deplane on the runway (okay, that was kind of cool) and get onto a shuttle bus that would take us the long way around the pile of rubble and bodies that was the parking garage in order to get to a service gate that would bring us into the airport. Everything was seemingly under construction, we missed our connecting flight, and, I swear to god, the only bathroom that was usable was just a FUCKING HOLE IN THE GROUND. A brutal first experience of international travel.

    1. I only recently read about the parking garage collapse! And it killed 4 people?! Or was that a ceiling collapse elsewhere in CdG?

      I am grateful there were no deaths and working and very suitable bathrooms for my endeavor, though I'm very sorry to hear about yours!

  2. Looks like you had a great time, despite Charles de Hell. I was there once, and kept finding myself on the wrong side of glass walls--- I could SEE where I needed to go, but couldn't get there. Also managed to walk straight out of the ladies' room and into the men's, so this may have been user error.

    1. I also noticed the split of the restrooms was weird to me so I get how you could do that!

  3. Also--- how do you feel about your Maggie's tights and leggings? I just searched your blog for "Maggie" and saw that you've been wearing the tights for years, but I don't remember a mention of leggings before this trip.

    Are they truly opaque? Do they get baggy quickly? How do they hold up over time? I'm trying to move toward a more biodegradable wardrobe, and legwear's one of the areas that makes me nervous.

    1. Sorry this reply is hella tardy! I like the Maggie's leggings. The other brand I buy is the American Apparel standard black leggings. The Maggie's are a little thinner and get out of shape slightly more so. Their waistband is also really really high. The AA ones are thicker and a little more "stiff" in that they keep their shape a little longer.

      I haven't had heavy wear on them them season since it's summer but from what I recall, when I wash the Maggie's they get back to the right shape. (Same for the AA.) I think I've had both sets a few years and I probably have 3-4 of each, so they are in rotation, which I'm sure helps them not wear out as quickly.

      Hope that helps!

    2. It helps tremendously, thank you!

  4. Same question as Jaunty! Checking out Maggie's leggings and saw some reviews that said they run on the small side.

    1. I found the sizing to be similar to American Apparel ones (but with a high waist) if you're familiar with those. I noted this with Ms. Jaunty above, too, but I think they're slightly thinner and lose their shape slightly quicker than the American Apparel ones but I do like them a lot (and I like the company better than AA).

    2. I will say that their stockings that they call tights (like the "footed tights") are wicked small. I used to buy those all the time and getting my regular size I felt like I was trying to put a deflated party balloon on my legs instead of tights. So those are SO small. The leggings I don't find to be that much of an issue though.

    3. Thank you! That helps a lot. I've found that my organic cotton and bamboo fabrics wear out quite a bit quicker than conventional fabrics, and now am trying to do more customer review research beforehand. Probably going to check out the crop leggings, no deflated party balloons. :)
      I like your travel style! Even with a fairly minimalistic wardrobe, I managed to overdo it with packing for a recent trip.

  5. Fun travels!!!! I've been meaning to buy Maggie's for years, but my mom is pretty good at getting me sweatshop leggings and tights for christmas every year. I swear I haven't bought my own more than a handful of times as an adult. I really like your travel style, looks like you held up with the Chic of those destinations, and were hella comfy. <3

    1. Thanks, Milla! I try to go for Maggie's with socks and leggings - but I also have asked my mom to buy me Maggie's socks and leggings for the holidays! (We ask each other what we can most use/want so we're more likely to buy stuff the other person will use along with some surprises.) I guess that kind of thing is a total mother holiday gift - I think there's something about wanting your kid's basics to be covered, for them to be warm and clothed, that never goes away.


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