The GOOD (dresses), the BAD (fit) and the UGLY (Tevas)

Dudes. It is officially summer. And do you know what I realized? Tevas don't really look good with anything. Wear them if you want. I do. But know that they are ugly and no amount of "IN but ugly" helps them not actually be ugly. All this to say, you will not see my feet in this photo, because they are shod in Tevas black Universals. 

^ Threads for Thought black scoop neck ^ 
^ vintage skirt from Vice Versa vintage/thrift ^
^ over-dyed formerly-white tote bag ^
^ Tevas you will never see on my feet online ^

If you follow me on Instagram, you've seen these already but who knows since Instagram recently messed up its linear feed view. But Po-em's day dresses are my new favorite dress. Nubby, comfortable cotton, with pockets, roomy. Also, pockets. Did you hear about the pockets?

^ PO-EM's day dresses are the jam ^

And now, for sad news. I bought this Make It Good tank a while ago - it was when they had a table at a Brooklyn Renegade Craft Fair or something like that. I thought I tried it on in person but it ended up being not a great fit. So, this dude got down-graded to gym clothes. (Or upgraded, depending on how much you like exercise.) I know this one one of those things Marie Kondo hates (re-purposing clothes) but I do it a lot for gym stuff and PJs and it works out pretty well. So, if something's a cotton-blend, I always ask myself before getting rid of stuff  -- would this make good PJs or gym clothes?

^ Yes, this Make It Good tank makes a good gym shirt ^ 


  1. I find the whole ugly shoe-trend very strange overall. I see pretty young girls wearing chunky neon color sneakers / Birkenstocks / Tevas or what have you with beautifully belted white crisp shirtdresses or alternatively with minimalist white t-shirt & black tailored culottes, looking oh-so-trendy... but in reality, no one, I say NO ONE, can make those shoes look good. I do appreciate the comfort aspect though. Comfort for me is everything, but really, it does not look good on anyone. I think the ugly shoe trend is going to be one of those things that we look back in 5-10 years, thinking "what the hell was anyone thinking". :D

    I like the look of your Po-em's; any chance of seeing you wear them in the near future ..?

    1. I agree. I feel like it's 1-2 years later and I'm already thinking "what was I thinking"! I have been dealing with a foot injury so I've had to wear them but man, they are ugly!

      Yes, totally! They might be a bathroom mirror photo but I'll definitely post the PO-EM dresses. There is one on my Instagram account about 15 photos back - it's the blue/white triangle dress I'm wearing to the picnic wedding and I think you can see the fit okay in that one, if you're more immediately curious!

    2. This one!

  2. Comfort vs. Style is the eternal battle.

    I wore my old wooden Mohops today, and they're just top impractical. I sounded like a horse clomping down the street, and got a big ol' blister from having to tie them tightly enough to prevent the heel from flopping. They've got to go. Alas!

    That tank will look so cool at the gym! Even Marie Kondo should respect that.

    I almost agree with the above commenter, but I think we'll look back on ugly shoes with bewilderment much sooner than 5-10 years!

    1. Ouch, that sounds painful! I know, I feel like I just need to call a spade a spade!

    2. I like to imagine that some trends are driven by the needs of actresses and models. Everyone has foot pain from wearing fetish shoes? Enter the comfy but ugly Birkenstock. Everyone's hair is damaged from being platinum blond for years? Brunette is IN. Ombre ends looking ratty? Lob time!

      Practical, no?

    3. It is practical. I always wonder about that because it feels so funny to actually notice the shift in yourself organically. Like at one point when everyone was still wearing fit-and-flare dresses I noticed I was like NOPE...but it was before I started seeing sack dresses around much. And then that became a thing. I know it's all very Devil Wears Prada, but I do think there's more of a street fashion hive mind that dictates some of what's available now as well.

      But yeah, when I notice that I suddenly shift away from liking something or shift to liking something new, I always wonder where it's coming from. It often feels like comfort or identity are driving it (sack dresses have a looser waist and are less girly)...but I can never be sure.

    4. I'm sure some of it's totally independent and organic, and some is inspired by others or a need for something new and different.

      With sack dresses, it might also be that they feel so damn good. I bought one trapeze-shaped dress this year, and couldn't get over how good it felt. Physically, and because it's nice to have at least some of my measurements obscured from strangers.

      Similarly, I thought I had pretty comfy shoes--- until I tried on a pair of cheap mass-produced sneakers and felt like I'd gone to foot-heaven. Turns out my other shoes weren't even CLOSE to comfortable, which explains all the foot pain I had...


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