Make It Good's Parachute Dress & Cats

When I received this Make It Good dress, I was a little disappointed. They called it the "parachute dress" and I thought they would be like the Make It Good dresses I already own -- this great "parachute" material that was thin but airy and kinda consistently-wrinkled. But this was a totally different material, way more see-through and it felt less breathable. It would be impossible to wear it without a slip or - my jam - miniskirt-length pettipants. (Hate if you're gonna hate but they're perfect and kind of Little House on the Prairie. I don't know why anyone wears traditional slips. Now, those are stupid.) The fabric - and dress - has grown on me though. It's light and airy and while it wrinkles a little, it doesn't hold wrinkles for long. 

This is not an intentional modeling pose, just adjusting the omnipresent sunglasses on my head while the iPhone timer went off.

^ Make It Good dress, Stitch Prism necklace, 
sweatshop Vans slip-ons, old tote DIY dyed ^

This tote is one of the regular ol' white totes I dyed with iDye way back when, and then I forgot to post a review. Basically everything I dyed came out this dark blue with some faded-white splotches. I thought it would be a lot lighter, or I wouldn't have dyed screen-printed totes (especially one with cat faces) but hindsight is 20/20. I know some people might care about the splotches but I'm more of a wabi-sabi gal myself, which can be translated into many less f's given about that kind of thing for the less woo woo among us. 

This year I finally discovered the beauty of ankle-length socks and they've been ever-present. I used to just wear my canvas shoes sans socks before -- kind of gross and maybe a little undignified? Hello, Civilization, I'm finally here.

Speaking of Civilization, I've just been quietly grieving the state of humanity along with the rest of you (Orlando, Trump, Brexit, weak gun control efforts, tourists beating and standing on a sea turtle they dragged out of the water to take selfies with, etc). I vacillate between anger, depression and incredulity. It's hard to know whether to keep diving in to the news cycle so you're informed in opinion or dialogue and when to give your circuits-bursting mind a break. 

But you know, when in doubt -- CATS:


  1. Checked the tag, and we have the exact same pettipants! We have similarly x-shaped builds (which is part of why I appreciate your outfit photos so much), so why are mine giving me so much grief while you get off scot-free? Mysterious.

    1. Mine are actually made by Illusions (made in Mexico) but I couldn't find them online! I figured it was better to post the US-made ones, though I was planning on replacing what I have with that version. What are they doing?!

    2. Sorry, I wrote two comments and the first was apparently Eaten by the Ether.

      My pettipants... twist, bunch, ride up? I'm not even sure what's happening down there, but it's awkward. They may be cut too full for me, or maybe the lace is making trouble or something. I'll let you know if I figure it out.

    3. Ah. Every once in a while mine will twist or ride up but it's not that often. I think they're supposed to be slightly loose but also have enough space between your skirt/dress so they don't have a lot of friction to ride up.

  2. Okay, next on my shopping list: pettipants! I get so angry at my traditional slips - they never stay put and always ride up my thighs. They are infuriating.

    I feel you re: state of humanity. It's just too much at times. Still having a hard time believing that Brexit is actually happening. Luckily living with cats helps...

    1. That's exactly what made me switch to pettipants. They ride up sometimes but generally stay put better than slips.

      Yeah, Brexit is especially painful since it seemed like such a close vote and so many people were interviewed with voters'-remorse the very next day!


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