But they're not Pringles

Today I was of two minds. I told myself how awesome I was for walking around totally content in a few-years-old leggings and babydoll dress (both American Apparel), with my trusty old equine-themed tote bag (swag from an animal welfare group) and neon sunglasses (also swag from an animal welfare group, weirdly). But then I kept thinking about my shoes and how much I love these Insecta shoes and how bummed I am that they don't come in more patterns that I like so I still haven't purchased a second pair.

Why can't I just have one pair? Why is one pair not good enough? Come on, brain. 

I catch myself doing this all the time. I balance being grateful and appreciative for what I have, and then just wanting more of something else in the same breath. I am all Marie Kondo-style thanking my stuff for being around and still likable and functional but then there's always this holy grail of want want want. 

I don't know what to do but to be aware of it and talk about it and just notice that it happens. 

^ I already told you what all of this is above ^ 

^ I tried this DIY mani, just to keep the all-black a little interesting ^ 


  1. I battle with trying not to buy new stuff all of the time too! I have never heard of Insecta shoes but have just checked them out, they are fab.

    1. And they're comfortable, too! Best of both worlds!

  2. I find myself in the same boat all the time. I feel like buying something Victorian inspired, say, and before I know it, I'm at a flea market, looking only at identical high-collar blouses, wanting to buy them all, and keep looking for more too. It's nuts. I try to catch myself before I buy multiples, but needless to say, easier said than done...


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