One very old dress and even older Avon glace pin

One day this dress is going to fail on me and it's going to be the worst day of my life. It's a super old Built By Wendy dress I got second-hand from Beacon's Closet and it's perfect. It's a fit-and-flare that's not overly juvenile and it's a nubby black cotton that's really comfortable. And it pairs nicely with my vintage Avon skunk pin - a pin that was part of their glace collection. The pins in this collection open and contain a light solid perfume for kids. True story: I never cleaned mine out. I forget about it and every time I wear it (once a year). I only remember once I'm out of the house.

I made my boyfriend take this photo of me to commemorate the longevity of this dress, right before we picked up drinks for a vegan BBQ (ginger beer!) and also right before I shoved a lot of food into my face. Like brownie bites with German chocolate cake topping and... Everything else has been wiped from my memory. Eternal Sunshine of the Brownie Bite Mind. Brownies bites uber alles. 

^ old Built by Wendy dress, old Avon pin, new & prob sweatshop Vans ^

On the Avon vintage glace pin front: I also have the apple/worm pin and a little girl one as well. (None of them are cleansed of their disgusting and petrified 40 year-old solid perfume of yore.) Once upon a time I thought I'd start collecting them but I realized that I would never wear anything too cutesy and/or too colorful so my collection came to a sad end at those three. That just means there's more vintage Avon perfume pins and dehydrated decades-old perfume to go around. You're truly welcome, collectors! Have at 'em!

P.S. - If you want a very sad and disgusting podcast to listen to, Stuff You Should Know recently did one on cannibalism. I can handle this one podcast but that's probably because they didn't talk about any of the recent cases - or attempted recent cases, anyway. That's where I go from curiosity to holy hell no thanks. 


  1. This is a great anti-haul post: you're wearing things you already have that still suit your needs and make you happy. Cool.

    Those glace girls have a neat design, if we can get past the idea of flipping someone's head open to find perfume.

    If you cleaned out your skunk pin, you could refill it with Pacifica solid perfume--- or lipstick for touch-ups! I may be getting carried away.

    1. It's funny that you mention the refill thing - that was my plan initially! But then I realized that I wore them so infrequently that I shouldn't bother.

      The flipping body parts open to get to perfume (or in some cases, lip gloss) is pretty funny. The skunk's BUTT (haunches) open so you can get to it. So strange.

  2. Do you remember Soufflé, the little purple skunk that came with a Strawberry Shortcake doll? How did marketers know children wanted fragrant skunk toys?


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