Spring Black

Technically it's spring but I'm still not feeling it. Not only is it not warm but I'm really not feeling the switch to spring fashion featured in every apparel storefront. Would it kill them to not focus on flowers or bicycles every year? Can we get some kind of goth summer theme going one year?

I'm also slowly realizing that I'll have to wear different clothes for different weather. What a drag! I didn't realize how completely comfortable I am in what I wear. I barely have to think about getting dressed any longer. It's really down to:

  • black denim or blue denim with a boxy shirt and black shoes of some sort + necklace
  • short dress with leggings underneath and black shoes of some sort + necklace 
  • ...okay that's it
This is what I look like almost every day in the colder months. Ubiquitous leopard print Baggu bag. Either my army green jacket or my Vaute Couture black Emily. Those jeans are actually supposed to be skinny jeans...after I saw that picture, I finally retired them. 

^ hat: Askidas ^
^ jacket & jeans/sweatshop ^
^ sneakers: Keep neoprene Homers ^

There is something really comforting about just wearing the same stuff all the time. If I want to feel better about it, I just throw on some Aromi matte liquid lipstick. Speaking of...I am almost done using all the leftover samples I had from getting vegan beauty boxes for about a year. And I'm culling what just doesn't work, no matter how many times I want it to. Case in point - this mascara. It smells delightful and is supposedly made with tea. Yum! However, it's Raccoon Eye City on an average day. 

^ getting honest about 100% Pure mascara ^

So, it's almost spring and then it will be summer and I can't wear jeans all the time any more. Fashion themes: decidedly not-black. Painful. I'll have to dig out some dresses and get used to new "uniforms" all over again. I got a little panicked that I wouldn't have enough roomy sack dresses to loiter my way through summer in and ordered this gray parachute-material dress from Make It Good and an Everlane cotton dress. I also had my eye on this Uzi dress and this Mary Meyer dress (both cotton). For the record, I already have 2 gray parachute material dresses from Make It Good from last year, but they at least have prints on them. That's different enough that I can get a third, right? I can't help that it's the most comfortable, durable, not sweaty material ever.

Speaking of new stuff. I also bought these Matt & Nat shoes - I am not usually in love with white soles but I did like these and they're plenty comfy. 

In preparation for hot weather footwear, I got these Insecta shoes from Mooshoes:

Now that you know my bank account is empty...how are you dealing with impending Spring? Excited? Not so much? 


  1. I'm excited about spring, but spring dressing - not so much. Nothing seems season-appropriate and the days are so much longer & brighter that all the cat hair is starting to show (show more than usual, I mean) on absolutely everything I wear. Also, not really feeling pastel florals, and I really have no idea what I'll be wearing in the months to come. Nothing seems quite right. Everything seems either frumpy or too flashy. Ugh, end of rant.

    Love the Insecta shoes. Really cool, very you. :)

    1. Yes totally re the too frumpy or too flashy. I'm definitely going through something that makes me lean more towards frumpy. I was speaking with a friend who was in a denim boxy dress this past weekend and it came out that dresses suddenly felt too feminine and vulnerable for both of us and that we are struggling with summer on the horizon. The best either of us could come up with was very square sack dresses in terms of comfort in presentation.

  2. Yaaaaaay, I love it when you write!

    1) Have you seen Already Pretty's "Soft, Summery Badassery" pinterest board? Lots of black and some edgy style, but warm-weather friendly.

    Here's a link: https://www.pinterest.com/sallymcgraw/soft-summery-badassery/

    I never wear black, but spring fashions are generally 300% too girly/dainty for me PLUS I'm horribly self-conscious about my arms, legs, looks, everything. I WANT to be a body image warrior, but my self-loathing runs too deep. Last summer, I managed to wear a couple of sleeveless things, but I wore jeggings even in Florida. Madness!

    My usual neutral of choice is dark brown, but I'm experimenting with taupe or oatmeal for spring. So far, so good.

    Re: retired skinny jeans--- isn't it shocking how different some things look in photographs?

    Your hair looks great! I'm trying to grow out a bob, but currently look pretty frumpy. Sigh!

    1. Oh, I liked some of the stuff pinned to that board, thank you for sharing it, Rebekah.

      Man, I hear you on the too girly. I just responded in another comment that I've been toning down the femininity lately and there's just stuff I can't do any longer. Fitted dresses being one -- and dresses need to be giant and shapeless for me to wear them at all, and even that's a struggle. Sadly, the world shows no signs of slowing on that warming so I guess we better get used to it?

      Ah, yes -- my "neutral lite" for summer is a faded black cotton, gray and dark chambray.

      I feel like I knew those jeans were bagged out but not THAT bad. Jeez.

      Thanks re the hair - I am resigned to always having short hair at this point. Bob grow-outs suuuuck (not as bad as pixie grow-outs but still). My plan was always to pin up everything in the back with 100 bobby pins (take a strand, twist, fold it over and bobby pin - repeat 100x) and then throw a headband on it. May the force be with you, lady.

    2. ALSO/UNRELATED: There's no cool way to say this, but thank you for wear flats? I've stopped buying high heels, and I'm tired of seeing skillions of photos of women in clearly painful shoes.

      Over the past few years, I've noticed hundreds of photos of women or girls wearing flats BUT STANDING ON TIPTOE. Seriously, we can't handle seeing the actual length of a woman's legs, even if she's wearing sneakers? What have we done?! Once you notice this, you'll see it everywhere.

    3. Yeah, I don't get this either. I like to be able to walk. I find mobility super helpful, actually.

  3. I always feel creaky switching seasons too, same thing with I know what to wear and like not having to think about it. Yes! Bring on the goth summer apparel!

    1. Right? How has someone not capitalized on this yet?

  4. I'm in crisis, too. I've been featuring spring-y outfits on my blog, but all I want to do is wear my jeans and combat boots and big sweaters. I grew up in Flroida where there is no change of seasons and I wore the same thing all year round. I'm still having trouble adjusting to having to totally switch gears every few months.


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