3 ingredient facial cleanser DIY

I feel like I blacked out back in early January and just woke up right in February. I'm grateful, I guess. Who wants to actually experience January in the northeast US anyway?

While it's been milder than usual, we have had some legit winter weather and when that starts to kick in, I usually swap out my facial cleanser and moisturizer. The cold and wind make my skin cranky and I go a little gentler on the cleanser front. And obviously - like most humans with skin - cold weather and dry radiator heat tend to make me need a heavier moisturizer. 

When I was still subscribing to vegan beauty boxes, I tried out a simple 3-ingredient cleanser made by an independent company. It was gentle and smelled good and I figured I'd purchase another bottle...until I realized it was $10 for not more than 4 oz. And it only had 3 ingredients. Ingredients which, if purchased separately, would cost me less than $5 to make for the same bottle. I mean...I like to support the little guy and all but a 50% discount was too steep to pass up. And I wouldn't have to get a new container each time.

What you need:

^ ingredients needed ^
- vegetable glycerin (3 oz)
- rosewater (1 oz)
- optional: sweet orange essential oil (a few drops, less than 5)

^  sweet orange essential oil ^ 

It's extremely simple: 3 parts vegetable glycerin and 1 part rosewater. Less than 5 drops of sweet orange essential oil. Pour into a clean bottle. Shake. (The vegetable glycerin and rosewater are a different viscosity so they separate. One will sit right on top of the other unless you mix them.)

^ 3 very thick ounces of vegetable glycerin ^ 

^ I used an empty bottle purchased from the Bach's Rescue Remedy line ^

To use, apply to your wet face and rinse with water. I know that's like most cleansers, although I have one that tells you to apply it dry (it is so weird) so I guess it bears specifying.

Rosewater acts as an astringent so if you need to up that factor in your cleanser, you can increase the ratio of rosewater. 

Learn from my mistakes

Don't try to pour both the vegetable glycerin and rosewater into a glass and try to mix it with a cocktail stirrer. It doesn't mix as well as you might think. You're already going to be pouring it in a bottle with a cap where you can easily mix it by shaking it.

Don't use a teeny tiny funnel for your bottle. The glycerin is just thick enough that it will slow down to droplets and it won't be efficient. A funnel with a hole straw-sized and larger would probably be fine - but that's not what I did.

A note about some essential oils:

Some essential oils (including a bunch of citrus ones) are photo-toxic or can make your skin photo-sensitive (more sensitive to the sun). What can these essential oils do to your skin? It can cause burning or skin pigmentation variable (when exposed to sun). It's also possible to have more severe reactions.

Sweet orange is on a few of the lists for somewhat photo-toxic and on a lot of lists for not being photo-toxic so, up to you! I'm okay with it because it doesn't seem to bother my skin and also it's in a small amount in a cleanser (which I'm washing off my face) vs moisturizer (which would stay on my face.) The original recipe for this cleanser used tea tree oil.

I've really just started reading a few books on essential oils and use in skincare and one of the very first scared-straight lessons I've learned is that it's important to know what's safe on skin, in what dilution and to pay attention to the latin names! (You'll notice lemon and lime variations are on both "yes - burn your skin off" and "no - I'm okay to use" lists. 


  1. does this remove makeup and sunscreen?

    1. Honestly, I don't think so! It removes some of my makeup but not all.

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