Life Lately (snowstorm version)

Yes, we got snow. No, that doesn't mean that global warming isn't happening. It did, however, mean not going very far and bundling up like crazy to walk just a few blocks.

This round I mostly have winter-themed pictures -- bundling up, eating, home craft projects, home remedies and also what to do with your relatives' old furs.

^ so glad I had glasses on - that face-numbing wind! ^

^ Riverdel take-home spoils^ 

^ almond croissant, not as croissant-like as I'd hoped! ^

^ tried to dye some of this "too much white" stuff ^
(results post forthcoming)

^ what folks recommended as a cold-fighter ^
(a glass of water+ACV and raw garlic)

^ and Coats for Cubs season begins!^
drop off unwanted fur items at Buffalo Exchange
it will be used for animal care!
until 4/22 -- and check out this 


  1. i kind of love walking to get supplies in the snow. but it is proabably fun because it happens for me once every two years! i'm sorry that croissant wasn't great, but that plate it is on! love it!

    1. Me too - there's something weirdly "explorer" about it even though it's really only walking a few blocks. Everything looks different and charming.

  2. You know I'm jealous of all that snow. <3 Stay warm

  3. Look at you, surviving winter like a boss!

    1. With thanks to a lot of indoor time, much food and many cats!

  4. What a really great use for old fur!


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