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I had a hard time getting into the holiday spirit this year and out of the winter blues -- especially since my grandmother passed away around the Thanksgiving holiday. My gram was a strong Italian broad who helped raise me. Oh, the feelings. But, strangely, life goes on around us, even when we feel like it shouldn't.

Hopefully your holiday and solstice-season is going well, filled with gratitude and laughs. And some excellent desserts.

^ we got an update from Simone's adopter around her 1 year 
adopt-a-versary -- she is doing great and they love her.
given her rocky start, this thrills me to no end. this is a baby
photo of her sleeping on my desk at work
although the adopter did send pictures of her as an adult! ^

^ white elephant gift wrapping ^
(it was chocolate)

^ the best spot in craft/art stores ^ 

^ finding ways to use glitter polish without
seeming too Christmas oranment-y; Vera Meat-inspired ^


  1. Jesse, what a loss! I'm glad you had such a grandma for so long, and hope you and your family are doing okay.

    I haven't been in a holiday mood this year, but dessert still tastes good.

    1. Thanks - yes, to have my grandmother until I'm 40+ is certainly not common. Thank you for the kind words, Rebekah.

      I hear you - dessert makes everything incrementally better!

  2. I'm so sorry for your loss.

    I made sufganyot and got to share them with a fellow celiac, which was the highlight of my holiday season. The most appropriate holiday thing I did was accidentally lose the replacement bulbs for my menorah, which had one completely blown bulb, only to find them on the 7th night of Hannukah. Couldn't have planned a more appropriate holiday experience if I tried.


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