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As often happens when I settle into a haircut, I get bored. I can tuck my hair behind my ears but that's about as much as I can mix it up. (I'm not super into the Margot-style barrette thing right now.) Months ago, in the days of longer hair, I got this headband from LoveFactoryNYC on Etsy - but found it hard to wear with longer hair. (So much headband, so much hair.) It's easier to wear with short hair so I'm considering this part of my Use it up, wear it out, make it do or do without effort since I didn't get rid of it right away and remembered to try to find a use for it. (Pro tip: If you don't have a very sex toy-positive job, don't have stuff sent to your work from LoveFactoryNYC. It is not immediately apparent that a headband is all that's in the envelope.)

^ not a sex toy headband from LoveFactoryNYC ^

I've also been hanging out with our cats a lot. I mean, they're the best, basically. (Even when including the hairball barfs and litterboxes in that calculation. Still the best.) They're finally using this US-made cat tower we bought for them like 6 months ago. (The shelves are made in North Carolina but the pole is from IKEA.) This company also has wall-mountable shelves, which I purchased for my work office (for my work foster cats, obvs) and those are wicked sturdy. 

^ Violet surveys the living room while Sonny Angels look on ^ 

NYC looked like this recently...which reminded me of my favorite Floss Gloss polish color (Lean). I mean, mostly it just reminded me that nature is fantastic and you need to take a minute and just enjoy its ridiculous beauty from time to time. (And not just when it slaps you in the face.)

^ look at this show-off ^ 

^ Floss Gloss "Lean" in action ^ 

Picking up the thread of Use it up, wear it out, make it do or do without again, I also did some jewelry repair. I'd managed to yank the clasp off this chain (...I know, sounds dirty) so I needed to pretend I'm handier than I actually am to get that put back together again. One point for "making do" or whatever you'd call it.

^ sad Mata Traders necklace, pre-fix ^ 

I had two galas and a holiday party on my dance card this holiday season. And I became obsessed with finding fancy-but-comfy oxfords to wear. For the Farm Sanctuary gala I cheated and wore my Golden Ponies monk strap shoes because they were the most comfortable flats I have. (I'll spare you the old lady details of why I needed comfortable shoes.) 

^ I mean, at least I had my Vaute Couture Lori and vintage silver handbag...^

Sadly, I had a death in the family and the remaining two parties were the least of my concern so I didn't need to worry about appropriate fancy shoes. But now I'm weirdly obsessed with having a pair of silver Sallys so I'm prepared for parties in the future. I've already tried these on when Mooshoes had a pair in stock. But they're so expensive. (Deservedly - as they're US-made!) So my new obsessive habit is to think about how I could buy them but I won't let myself buy them because I don't really need them. (And I'm trying to be better with money.) This is my current delusional deal with myself: I don't buy any other shoes or clothing items until I save up for these. 

^ waaaaaaaaaant ^

I've also been eating a lot of vegan cheese as a vegan cheese shop opened in Brooklyn. It's not like dairy cheese for the most part so if you're transitioning to vegan and think it's going to be like dairy cheese, you will be disappointed. (The Cheezehound Muttsarella might be the closest yet, but still not quite there.) So, sorry for the sad trombone. But I do think these nut-based cheeses are delicious in their own right -- they're just not casein-carriers and they will not taste anything like the cheese you're thinking of. 


  1. I ran into Whole Foods for a FYH slice replenishment and there were two newbie vegans staring agog at the non-dairy cheeses. I felt it was my duty to give them a run down of the options before them and it was the most Vanna White I've ever felt in my life.


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